Did you know that kids wear accounts for 12% of the global apparel market?

With all these clothing we are buying them, our little ones are too special to dress boring. And of course, if you are looking to be a cool mum, fashion should be your thing.

To dress our children to impress, we must identify with a brand that aims at just that. A brand whose designers are just like our children, playful, bright and ever-surprising. But how do you keep up with the newest arrivals?

The good news is we got you covered. There are lots of kids fashion brands which will enable you to discover the latest arrivals from over 200 international manufacturers.

With these brands, you can get everything you need all in one place.

1. Nicki’s.com

Since 1985, Nicki’s has been a top destination for all designer stuff for children’s clothes and baby wear. The brand offers the latest designer clothes, shoes, pajamas, sports clad, accessories, toys, and gifts for our babies.

Nicki’s is that brand that sources quality, no matter what it takes. It’s aware that most moms are after style, design, and quality, so their services are about that. The brand offers an array of styles, carefully customized to meet your children’s needs.

Nickis.com kids fashion comprises of quality and high-end services from the top luxury fashion houses all over the world. With winter clothing from Moncler to swimsuits from Vilebrequin and dresses from Monnalisa, what more could you need?

At Nicki’s, they are aware that parents have busy lives. Their plan, therefore, is to enable moms to shop kid’s premium products from the convenience of their homes. They provide the best online shopping experience.

This brand also makes deliveries in over 85 countries. And of course, they appreciate that your babies are eager to try out their new outfits. All deliveries are done on time and securely.

2. #1 Egg by Susan Lazar

At Susan Lazar’s, they are all about your egg. Your children have great potential, and they must dress like it.

Well, eggs look just the same on the outside, but inside them, there are multiple possibilities. And this brand is aware of that. Their brand thus also offers many possibilities for your kids wear; you simply need to unravel the surprise.

This brand is designed to meet the needs of all stylish mothers and their kids. All their stuff is made of natural fabrics with modern designs. The result is fashionable, yet timeless baby and children’s clothes of the best quality.

Their items also sell at pocket-friendly prices; the brand is nothing but total luxury at affordable prices.

3. Rockets of Awesome

If you are looking for extraordinary attire for a real-life kid, the answer is Rockets of Awesome. The US-based brand has all the cool styles you and your kids would love.

What’s best about this brand besides its quality is their service. If you happen to subscribe to their services, then its Christmas for you all year round. In each of their four seasons, Rockets of Awesome delivers 8-12 pieces of clothing to your doorstep and only require you to pay for the ones you love.

Since no membership fee is charged, this option will save a great deal of your time and money. Meanwhile, your kid gets to choose from the collection delivered. They enjoy the colors and also get to play with the beautiful packages.

4. Tea Collection

This is the brand that does its homework. They travel across the world to get outfits featuring various cultures. But they also ensure the outfits have a touch of modernity.

Their globally inspired outfits are well-made to provide the best quality of kid’s clothes. Their items range from signature dresses to leggings, graphic bright t-shirts, and bodysuits for babies and boys. Basically, there is something for every little one.

Tea collection is all about being a brand that celebrates beauty across the world’s cultures through fashion and style. Tea is a drink that everyone enjoys, and so is the brand.

The brand evokes values of warmth and timelessness since everyone across the world can relate to its products. It is one of the leading kids’ fashion brands of 2019.

5. Kapital K

A blend of contemporary style and downtown vibe – nothing can beat that. This is Kapital K’s major style. The combination of two different styles results in attire that is cool, hip, stylish and fun for kids to wear.

If you are looking for unique yet trendy attire for your kid, this brand is a must see. The brand stops at nothing but fashion-forward attire and accessories for kids, from newborns to size 7s.

Kapital K also saves you the trouble of searching the net for the best outfits for your children. It’s one of the best little fashion providers, bringing together designers from across the world to leave you torn for choice.

Explore Kids Fashion Brands

You can no longer fall into a shopping hole when looking for kids’ stuff. And you certainly can’t make any excuse if your kids don’t dress to impress.

There are various brands that are all about kids’ fashion. Since they have your interest at heart, these kids fashion brands will stop at nothing but to impress. They will offer quality, beautiful and comfy at the best prices.

You will also no longer hustle in malls. Deliveries will be made right at your doorstep at no cost. Your kid will also have lots of choices to pick from and make a wonderful toy of the package.

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