Independent traveling is becoming more and more popular today. While saving money and providing you the freedom to decide how much to spend and where to stay, this style of travel enables you to make the most of your vacation.

But how to prepare for an independent trip and not go crazy? Check our simple tips: we hope they will help inexperienced travelers and encourage others who are skeptical and believe this is totally impossible.

Choosing a vacation spot

The entire planet is open to travelers who follow their own routes. You may use a variety of reasons to help you decide where to go. Do you have a kid with you on this trip? Try to pick an inland resort or any other family getaway that is simple and quick to get there. Would you like to make your first overseas trip? You can arrange a vacation to a nation that doesn’t require a visa. Have you got a valid Schengen visa? Investigate special offers or keep an eye out for cheap flights. Finally, it’s important to find out when the high tourist season begins in the chosen country so as not to get into a crazy hustle.

Define the budget

Gather some primary data on the price of hotels or apartments, daily meal costs, and excursions. In order to secure a visa, it is also required to include in the costs associated with producing medical insurance and a passport.

Collect some money for transportation expenses, say if you want to rent a car in the destination country. A rented car is always better than a taxi. Study the offers of rental companies, their conditions and price tags in advance. This can be done on hiring company websites like for rentals in Dubai.

When the budget is planned, take care of buying currency. Also, specify how much cash you would like to have.

Buying and booking tickets

The country and the budget are planned, so let’s proceed to booking and buying tickets. Buy your tickets through online services, so you save a lot of time.

How to buy cheap tickets:

  • Buy tickets during the week, preferably on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday – these are the cheapest options. Weekends and holidays tend to be more expensive
  • Don’t stop at just one website; compare costs by checking offers across a number of sites
  • Consider your bags while purchasing tickets. Is it a part of the ticket price or is there a separate charge?
  • The best price for air tickets is 2 months before the flight
  • Evening and night flights tend to be cheaper than daytime flights. You may need a transfer from the airport to the hotel.

Plan entertainment / cultural program

The cultural program must necessarily include a basic excursion, because having been in Paris and not seeing the Eiffel Tower, and in Pisa not “supporting” the tower is strange… The only gimmick is to find people who will show you these tourist places from a new angle and at a time when there are not so many tourists, usually locals who are happy to talk about their favorite city.

Pack your bags

Time to get ready for the trip! It might be tempting to bring everything with you “just in case,” but it’s preferable to pack fewer things when you travel.

Unless you’re going to be traveling in different climates and don’t need bulky winter gear, you don’t need a massive suitcase stuffed to the brim. On the way you can buy the necessary things.

Buy travel insurance

Although many people think: “I am healthy, I don’t even need travel insurance. I won’t get sick”, travel insurance is much more than simply medical protection. When your gadgets break, your flight is canceled, a family member passes away and you have to return home, or if something is stolen, it will cover you. Sadly, accidents can happen when you’re traveling. Be prepared!

Last planning point – enjoy your trip! There is nothing to add here!