Do you have all your travel mementoes stuffed into a drawer somewhere? Wondering what to do with all these little items you’ve picked up along the way? Having these unique and special items hidden away is such a waste!

Displaying your travel memories and giving you the opportunity to look back on the most memorable time of your life can bring you comfort and even help you plan your next travel adventure! Here we’ll explore how you can make your travel memories last with these travel memento ideas.

Unique photo displays

Having thousands of breathtaking images stored on your phone is one thing, but nothing beats the feeling of holding real, printed memories in your hands. Rather than saving all your favourite moments for your Instagram feed, get your photos printed and display them throughout your home. hello canvas provides a wide range of photo printing services, allowing you to create unique displays of your favourite travelling moments.

From polaroid style prints on your fridge to meticulously positioned photo-galleries in your living room. You could even store them all in a beautiful, hand-decorated photo album that you can flick through every time you want to look back at your adventures.

Create a movie

Did you film during your travels? Even if you just have snippets of recordings, whether you’re having a drink in the airport lounge with friends or the glorious sunset over Santorini, hiking through the Californian mountains or volunteering at an elephant sanctuary in Thailand, whatever footage you have, consider editing it together for your very own travel movie.

You’ll find plenty of free editing software available to download for free online, you could even add music, upload it to YouTube or your travel blog!

Build a memory box

Memory boxes are beautiful things. They’re incredibly personal and evoke all kinds of emotions, no matter how many times we open them and look what’s inside. Collecting items and souvenirs from your favourite locations or from your trip overall is a good place to start.

You don’t need to fill it with tacky tourist merch, just simple things like the drinks receipt you saved from that night in Budapest, or the postcard you picked up in Las Vegas but never got the chance to send to your parents. Pebbles from far away beaches, business cards from street food vendors, unused chopsticks or hashioki from that unforgettable lunch in Tokyo. Fill it with happy memories and you’ll love sharing it with others too!

Start a scrapbook

Scrapbooks are a great way to bring the most boring aspects of your travels to life. You might not want to keep boxes of receipts, flight or train tickets in your drawers at home, they’re just clutter. But placing them in a scrapbook will give them a whole new significance!

You can fill it with anything you like, receipts and tickets, pressed flowers, little trinkets, maps of cities, photos etc. A travel scrapbook is a wonderful way to tell your travel story and make the memory last a lifetime.