Being a part of a growing industry is one of the best things any individual can ever wish for. It might seem relatively unknown, but you should know that the travel writing industry is one of the most interesting and exciting professions in the world.. at least for those who are passionate about writing.

It is said that travel writers make as much as five figures annually and they don’t miss an opportunity to visit different places, meet different people, buy as many souvenirs as they can afford. It is fair to say that there is no profession like this in the universe. Writing lets me enjoy my life in its full potential.

The other day I was traveling through South Africa, having Cape Town as my destination. Would have been bad if I ran out of funds. Luckily I was secured on that issue because I was working for writing research paper service via PapersOwl remotely. Due to that I was able to afford myself a living while being far from home, enjoy beautiful views, and simply live my best life. What can I say, writing a college research paper or some form of custom research paper for multiple writing services that sell research paper of some sort, does come with many benefits.

My most fun-filled trips

I have visited lots of places in the world, and as I mentioned before I have met quite a lot of different people, however, I would love to begin my blog here at with three most fun-filled ones.

Weekend in Vegas

Contrary to the popular saying, “whatever happens in Vegas stays in Vegas”, I would share with you all that happened to me in the city of sin.

Ok, I won’t share with you whatever has happened to me in the night time. For obvious reasons. Luckily, Las Vegas is not about casinos and strippers only. What else could one do while in Vegas, you might ask me? Ride a helicopter, for instance.

The helicopter rides from one end of Vegas to the other is one of the highlights of a weekend spent in Vegas. When on board the mood feels right, the lights ware bright, and Las Vegas is indeed a lovely sight.

Another exciting feature about a weekend in Vegas is a dazzling display of lights at the Bellagio. There is nothing one can compare with that view. And in case if you get bored with all of the sins city can suggest, if you are tired of all of those neon lights which the city is covered with, you can always take a bus tour to the Grand Canyon to spend a day meditating, taking picture and whatever else one might do at The Grand Canyon.

Romance in Bora Bora

If you haven’t been to Bora Bora, the iconic vacation destination, you may not understand the fun and the experience I had during what I will describe as the most critical “two weeks” of my entire life. As usual, my trip was funded by an online essay writing service, and I had to travel with an acquaintance who doubled as the photographer for the trip. I first read about Bora Bora on a blog and when I was still in the employ of the government.

I have fallen in love with Bora Bora at the first sight. When the chance came, when I was finally self-employed, I knew that was my only shot at experiencing the best life in the best island location in the world. The sand, the sight, and the seas were the most prominent features of this little island, and I have never seen the number of palm trees like that in my whole existence.

It was in Bora-Bora when my traveling companion and I had an encounter with a shark. Luckily we only lost our kayak, but we found that we had more in common than travel writing. I witnessed an assortment of aquatic life. I climbed over volcanic rocks and danced on the sand under the moonlight. I came close to death; I enjoyed my life. I found my best friend; I cannot forget Bora Bora even many years after.

A whole month of Santorini

There is not much to purchase in this Grecian island because the best things in life are free. My trip to Santorini was one of my latest but most anticipated trips. It was featured on my bucket list. The highlight of my trip to Santorini wasn’t the custom research paper I wrote during the vacation; it was more of the fun I enjoyed on the catamaran cruise. The cruise was more like the ill-fated Titanic but without the tragedy.

My love affair with the deep blue sea continued in this island as you will always find me searching for seashells or taking long swims in the blue sea by daytime. Evenings in Santorini were for exploring the ruins of an ancient city. I got the chance to participate in my special Olympics, where I got to explore the Coliseum where the first Olympics held and also filled my belly with Greek cuisine.


The beauty of traveling and writing is that it allows one to have a profession and indulge in ones passion. The experience is much more than money can buy, and you get to enjoy the best life at no cost.

When you travel, you see places, you meet people, and you do new things, and purchase souvenirs from your trips. When you get paid while traveling, that’s a whole different ball game. It is only travel writing that can make you truly experience the best of both worlds: a world of passion and a world of fun.

The advent of blogs and freelance writing offer writers the chance of being self-employed. Who says you cannot travel the world, write about it, and get paid for it? If I can, so can you.