With flights suspended, and travel restrictions have been implemented globally, the Corona Pandemic has tossed the whole travel industry into chaos. On the bright side, we are hopeful that the pandemic will end the present course of action. Many countries recoup from the Covid-19 crisis. Little pockets are gradually beginning to make their ways for visitors, beginning with the lift on limitations on air terminals and – all the more critically – waterways and marinas. Precisely what does this imply for your summertime charter holiday? Let’s uncover some helpful information on when to travel, where to travel, and how charter yachts endure the coronavirus trial.

When would I be able to charter?

It’s nice to know that starting June, many nations have gradually begun lifting their travel bans. This is terrific news for travelers who are looking to be out in the water again to charter.

Nevertheless, things will not be as easy as leaping on a ship and then going to your charter yacht as in the past. Your travel destination should be well-planned because traveling is not as carefree as before. More often than not, your destination preference will depend on the existing stipulations between your place of origin and your destination arrival country.

A lot of times, trips and leisure activities will be banned from certain areas that are known to be on high-risk virus contamination, including countries from the United Kingdom. In unusual cases, you will be allowed to travel to a particular country even if there’s a travel restriction if it’s due to an urgent matter. Special travel permissions require you to show a negative Coronavirus testing result before you will be allowed to enter a country.

Where would I be able to charter a yacht?

Many travel spots are in the process of lifting their tourism constraints everyday. The travel industry is starting to resume with many new adventures and activities to offer and it’s inevitable that there might be some accidents along the way. If you live in Florida, be updated with the new laws and restrictions when it comes to boating and accidents in the sea, make sure you know a boating accident attorney who can help you along the way.

Below are the top popular tourist destinations, especially for yacht enthusiasts, currently free for charter… It’s recommended that you visit your chosen country’s government website and destination to learn more about the most current news and updates of your chosen place.


Greece: Starting on the fifteenth of June, Greece’s country is formally open for travel with worldwide business flights to continue on the first of July. Nonetheless, travelers showing up from nations with high contamination rates must step through a Covid-19 test and be isolated for as long as about fourteen days. Existing limitations on departures from countries thought about high hazard – including Turkey, the USA, and the UK – have to stay set up in any event until the first of July. Travelers from nations with low disease ratio will be dependent upon random Coronavirus test, however, will not be required to do self-isolation.

Croatia: Beautiful Croatia has lesser Covid-19 cases, perhaps the most minimal CoronaVirus cases in Europe. Vacationers can go inside the nation, considering they have pre-booking arrangements for their accommodation ahead of time. So for those travelers aiming to sail the beautiful seas of Croatia are free to charter anytime.

France: France has been one of the most popular and romantic tourist spots, Last the fifteenth of June, they elevated entrance limitations on a leisure trip in the whole country just for the locals of the EU’s and the Schengen nations, barring the just UK and Spain which has exponentially doubling Covid-19 cases. Tourists from the United Kingdom will be permitted entry to France yet should be aware of a voluntary two-week self- isolate.

Italy: From a country that’s been badly hit by the Covid-19 pandemic. Italy started opening its outskirts last the third of June for guests from the European countries, the United Kingdom, and Schengen territory. Sightseers globally are as yet compelled to self-isolate for a minimum of two weeks upon entry.

Spain: Spain also started opening its boundaries to individuals from the European nation and Schengen Zone in the third week of June, just like those going from the United Kingdom. The outskirt was initially due to stay shut until the beginning of July. Yet, advances have been presented to launch this summer for the travel industry.

Malta: While every business trip to Malta is right now suspended, the leader declared that the international Airport of Malta would resume from July onwards. The priority travels for resume are flights to and from Austria, Germany, Cyprus, Sicily, Switzerland, Iceland, Slovakia, Sardinia, Norway, Hungary, Denmark, Finland, Israel, Lithuania, Ireland, Latvia, Estonia, Czech Republic, and Luxembourg. The nation’s traveler loads up is arranged to lift limitations overall trips on the fifteenth of July.

The Bahamas and the Caribbean

The Caribbean: With pristine blue waters and a very popular beach getaway, the United States, the Caribbean have effectively managed coronavirus regionally, and have reported outskirt reviving dates. Albeit, numerous islands have presented curfews with obligatory testing for all tourists.

The Bahamas: The Bahamas have announced a “delicate opening” when it comes to its global borders beginning from the fifteenth of June. Foreign guests may access The Bahamas through this time through the yacht, boat, or private airplanes. Yet, they should present a well-being structure on the web and show a negative Coronavirus test upon entering. It’s recommended to maintain a social distance at all times. A more extensive re-opening is expected on The Bahamas Border’s is set for the first day of July. This will incorporate an electronic health statement structure with no Covid-19 test necessary.

St Barths: The popular yacht spot of St Barths will be available to guests from the twenty-second of June, however, with conditions that the visitors have negative Coronavirus test outcomes. On the off chance that a visitor doesn’t have a test result to show upon the appearance, they must undergo a Covid-19 test inside 24 hours of arrival and is required to strictly self-isolate until affirmed with negative COVID test results. If a guest’s stay surpasses seven evenings, they should consent to be re-tested on the seventh day. As of the eighth of June, a reclamation of free development between the islands of Martinique, Guadeloupe, and St. Martin and Saint Barthelemy.

Antigua and Barbuda: Both Commercial and Sweeper Flights coming from the United States will resume on the fourth of June this year. If you want to be permitted into the nation, you should confirm a negative Coronavirus test within 48 hours before entering the nation. Anybody incapable of complying should be paying for a Covid-19 test upon arrival or isolate at an inn, motel, or hotel for 14 days. Every tourist should likewise finish a Health Declaration Form, and they agree to undergo temperature checks and health screening to be conducted by Port Health specialists upon appearance.

Turks and Caicos: For Turks and the Caicos, all air terminals and harbors have been shut to approaching territorial and global flights (both business and private) and marine vessels. They started last on the twenty-second of July, and every traveler will have a temperature check upon entry.

US Virgin Islands: The US Virgin islands revived the travel industry last the first of June, implementing the main stage in a five-stage plan, with all leisure bars and eateries constrained to the half limit. Air terminals are open, yet flight plans have been decreased.

Grenada: The administration of Grenada reported that it hopes to open its border towards the end of June.

The Maldives: The Maldives’ ever-popular vacation getaway spot reported they would revive vacationers on the first of July without any limitations to worldwide travelers.