Have you ever driven by a giant factory and notice those big pipes and barrels? Most of us wouldn’t know what they are used for. For any of us, it could be anything. But, there are people whose job is to maintain those pipes and barrels.

Yet, we still don’t know what they are for. Let us explain it a little bit.

Like we know, we need electricity and power to basically live and function with everything around us. If there is no electricity, we wouldn’t be able to turn our lights on or heat our water. It goes from the simplest things to the most complicated ones.

This is where transformers come into play. Being an electrical device that uses electrical energy to changes the voltages from high to low and the other way around. By doing this, it is not affecting the electrical power in total.

These transformers can only work when connected to an AC. Once connected to the AC, it stays in the same position until the end of its functionality. The way that you can recognize one is when you see it has two or more coils. These coils are made of insulated wire, which has an electric current flowing through it. Once it starts flowing, it creates a magnetic field.

This field is closely connected to the current. If the current is big, so will the field be as well. If it’s smaller, the field will be as well.

For the transformer to be able to work, there should always be two coils of wire which are connected to the core. The core is mostly an iron bar that is wrapped around the coils. Like we said before, a transformer needs to be connected to an AC to function, and that is why because the current needs to flow in some way.

Depending on what the purpose is, how they are constructed, there are few types of transformers. Let’s talk about some of them and see what they are all about.

The first one we are going to mention is the step up transformer. This type uses low voltage. Also, it makes high current. The voltage and the current use different sides of one transformer.

The step down transformer is the opposite of the step up one. It has a high voltage and creates a low current. It also uses both sides of the transformer.

A power transformer is one where it can control if the voltage level should be low or high.

There are ones that are cooled by oil, and there are ones that are the dry type. Like it says, the ones cooled by oil use transformer oil. The ones who are the dry type use air to cool.

There are more types than these, but these ones are the most common. They all have their specific purpose, so they are equally important.

It is always essential to maintain these devices since they can be prone to leakage. Even if you do an excellent job at maintaining them, problems can always occur. So, it is pretty essential to know how to fix the issue as soon as possible.

What materials are used and how they are used affects the function of the transformer. You don’t want to have an oil leakage, which can compromise the environment and cause a lot of damage.

Every material that is being used as a date when it might possibly go wrong. No matter if you use the best quality one, their time will come sooner or later.

One thing that is crucial to not have a disaster happen is the constant monitoring of the transformer.

Most transformers that have problems are the oil-cooled one and the electric power one. And most problems occur because they don’t get the proper maintenance treatment they need.

Since they are fixed in one place and cannot be moved, many people tend to forget about them and not keep an eye on them. This will become costly as time goes by if something doesn’t change about it.

There should always be a checkup for the temperature, the condition of the oil and gas. Many times there happens to be breakage or a leak that goes unnoticed. That is why regular checkups are mandatory. If not, then a higher price is going to be paid. If you want to know more about this, follow this link.

There are always professionals who would come and check what is going on. Most of the time, an oil leak is a problem, and that is something that they are used to seeing.

They always need to determine if the leak is coming from one or multiple places. The importance of finding the problem spot is high since if the problem doesn’t get fixed, a lot of unnecessary situations can happen. Many times there have been explosions that have occurred from an oil leak and improper attendance to it.

Most places where an oil leak appears are gaskets or valves. They are placed between the radiator and the tank where the oil comes from. Many years of usage from these gaskets and valves leads them to deteriorate, which creates oil leaks. So this is why transformer leak repair is something to always have in mind.

Like we need the power and electricity from these transformers, we also need someone to keep them intact. They might look like they are very complex, when in fact, they are pretty simple. Their functions are not hard to understand since they can be to power something, isolate.

They have a pretty important role in the environment and in our daily lives. There are such simple devices that do a job that is pretty profound for us and our surroundings, even if we don’t quite notice it as much. There are many people who like to improve their quality and create new models, but this is something that is still in the works.