It’s everyone’s dream to have a unique and glamorous wedding. It’s an event of a lifetime, and everything has to be perfect and reflect what you believe in. What makes a wedding special are actually small details.

Below are unique wedding ideas, every bride should see.

A Luxe Reception Lounge

Give your loved ones a place to mingle, during dance breaks by sparing some space at your reception. Fill the space with chairs and enough plush pillows to sink into. This will allow everyone to enjoy and stay at the party even when they’re feeling tired.

You can make it better by adding curtains to give the area a VIP rest place kind of vibe.

Reception Ushers

Many people only consider hiring ushers to escort people to their ceremony. To make the experience for your guests even more memorable, get ceremony ushers. The ushers will walk your guests to their respective tables, and give them a restaurant experience.

Ask to see if your servicing team would be able to extend their hours. Some venues also offer these options.

Guest Transportation

If your reception ceremony is far away from the wedding, consider shuttling your guests. Make the journey worth remembering by investing in smart transportation ideas. If it fits with your wedding colors, you could use a fleet of yellow school buses. If possible add posters with your name on the buses.

Another transportation idea is to give them an air balloon ride. Add some cool music for the guests to enjoy throughout the journey.

Pre-Ceremony Cocktails

Your guests will only get a chance to have drinks at the reception. Therefore, surprising them with drinks on their way to the ceremony would be a great idea. Avoid including very strong drinks, fruit-infused iced teas or mimosas are perfect. Remember to include non-alcoholic beverages.

Have your ushers or caterers collect all the stray glasses before the ceremony commences to ensure the place is tidy. You don’t want to see scattered wine glasses on your wedding videos or photos. Alcoholic incorporated surprises tend to typically make for great wedding theme ideas.

Standout Escort Cards

Instead of paper that people lose or throw away, go big with your escort card. You could try customized cake pops with your guests’ names and table numbers written on them with icing or engrave the escort cards on martini glasses.

Upgrade Welcome Bags

Make your guests feel like VIPs by making your welcome basket – something beyond a map and a few snacks. Add a few personalized items to the package.

This could include things like a six-pack local brew or a certificate to your favorite coffee shop. It could also mean a lot if you dropped a personalized note for every guest.

Thoughtful Favors

Make your guests stay comfortable by thinking ahead. For example, if your guests are from out of town, arrange to get them specially scented soaps so that they don’t have to depend on hotel soaps.

If your guests want to dance all night, have a basket of flip flops ready, to allow the guests to take the shoes off. Also, if you are planning to have an outdoor activity at night, and suspect it might be breezy, have cozy pashminas to keep them warm.

Don’t forget if you are holding your wedding ceremony outdoors in summer, provide sunscreen or classy sunglasses. All these products can be customized based on your wedding theme.

A DIY Flower Station

This is among the unique wedding ideas that allow your guests to make something special as a keepsake for your big day. DIY flower stations are fun and engaging for everyone.

Arrange to have a flower station with sturdy blooms, pins, and labels with simple instructions that everyone can understand.

Designate a Child Zone

Some guests want to make the ceremony but aren’t able to find a babysitter. If you’d like to reduce the number of children at the wedding but want to give everyone a chance to come, try to get a room at the wedding venue for the little ones. Your guests can check on the kids and come back to the ceremony. Set up adult supervision for the children, as well as games, movies, and activities.

A Memorable Guest Book

A unique guest book is a little more memorable and exciting for attendees. Create a jigsaw of your photo and let each member leave a message for you. This can also be done with silverware and engraving pens that guests can sign and create long-lasting messages.

A First-Dance Confetti Drop

Your first wedding dance will be the first highlight of your big day. Adding an extra touch to it will make it unique, and make your wedding photos pop. You can either drop confetti, but if you’ll be playing slow music, consider dropping fresh petals instead.

Your florist and rental company can work together to see this happen. Be sure to have one of the staff nearby to clean up immediately.

A Hip After Party

Another tip for the unique wedding ideas list is to plan an after-party after the wedding. Plan a post-wedding party for your guests to have fun. You can do this in addition to your reception.

Try to make the environment different from your reception and wedding. You could choose a karaoke club, a relaxed patio or a formal ballroom.

An Exciting Ceremony Exit

Make your exit special by catching guests off guard with something over-the-top. You could throw mini beach balls into the crowd, leave in a helicopter or horse and buggy, hire a flash mob or even crowd surf. Some of these ideas might seem crazy but it’s your moment so get creative with it.

Looking for More Unique Wedding Ideas?

Your wedding day is a big moment and you should definitely take up every opportunity to make it exhilarating and special. Live on the edge a little and include some of these unique wedding ideas to the agenda for the day. It will definitely make lasting moments in your guests’ mind.