TOTAL BLACK is a London, UK based unisex streetwear brand with a core focus on creating designs based on minimalism, symmetry and, of course, the color black. Launched in April 2016 from the streets of London, it’s made up of a team of professionals and artists from the UK and Europe. Although the brand is so young, they have already launched more than 30 products.

First impressions were WOW – the quality and fit of the t-shirt is undeniably fantastic. The material is super soft and is a dream to wear.” –

The brand offers unisex streetwear clothing, but it is not like the other streetwear brands. All product designs and prints are developed by the design team, and the manufacturing process is fully controlled at every stage. From the choice of what fabrics to use, to the methods of stitching and label design, there is a team member present at every stage of production. The brand has also invested in finding innovative materials for their new collections.

The obsession for control over production results in a very high level of quality and detail of the finished product. The brand philosophy is that it’s better to pay a higher price for the best quality materials and specialists, than to pay less to save money and have an inferior product. Having said that, the products are still very affordable considering their quality, with T-Shirts retailing at £25, just over $30.

The difference in fabric quality from Total Black and other brands is pretty outstanding! You’ll see what I mean when you purchase yours, how soft the fabric is yet with enough stretch to hug your body in a flattering way.” – Valerie Wyndham

TOTAL BLACK concentrates on making the e-shopping process as simple and easy as possible and apart from their recent introduction of accepting Apple Pay payments, it offers free UK Shipping on all orders, as well as a 14-day return policy. For the rest of the world, its £5 shipping and free shipping on orders over £60.

The upcoming collection, which will be launched in November, will move the brand from doing straightforward designs to more complex models. Although some designs are more minimalist than others, you can always distinguish a TOTAL BLACK product by the Signature Diamond Drop printed on all the items produced.