It’s not hard to pick a hot destination when much of the world is accessible by cruise ship. Discover here the six top places to cruise to in 2020.

Over one in four Americans aren’t having a summer vacation this year. For some people, there are simply so many options we cannot decide.

When the world is accessible by cruise ship, it’s almost impossible to make any decisions about which hot destination to go to for your vacation.

Lucky you for, we have put together a list of the top places to cruise to in 2020. Let’s set sail together now!

1. Go Way Up North with an Alaskan Cruise

Alaska has always been a popular cruise destination. There are so many amazing things to experience in this region from the breathtaking wildlife to the delicious seafood. Your Alaska cruise is definitely a vacation to remember.

2. Time in the Sunshine with Mexican Riviera Cruise

If the Alaska cruise is a little chilly for you, then the Mexican Riviera cruise should do the trick. There are so many enchanting ports on the Mexican Riviera you’ll be excited to get off the ship each day. Sample of the immersive culture of Cabo San Lucas and the sandy beaches of Puerto Vallarta.

3. Relax and Recover with Bermuda Cruises

If you’re an experienced cruiser, you’ll be familiar with the Bahamas and Caribbean ports. This year, you may be searching for something a little different.

But, if you want the same climate and the chance to relax on sandy beaches, nothing beats the relaxation of Bermuda cruises. This welcoming island is a British territory.

There are so terrific ports on the Bermuda cruise route. Make sure you soak up the Kings Wharf and St. George’s for some cultural insights and magical views.

4. Family Fun with the Bahamas Cruises

The Bahamas is the perfect family vacation cruise. Cruise ships are always adding new islands and ports onto the list of stops.

You’ll have the chance to get off the ship to enjoy the amazing water parks. The famous Daredevil’s Peak is the largest water slide we’ve ever seen.

However, if you just want to relax and recover from your busy life, the resort-style pools and warm climate makes you feel like you’re in paradise.

5. Natural Wonders on the Hawaiian Cruise

If you’re on a budget, you should definitely head to Hawaii this year.

The volcanic activity recently has caused rates to significantly drop. This makes a Hawaiian cruise a bargain deal
This is the best time ever to explore the natural wonders on offer in this little piece of paradise.

6. Luxury Experience with the Galapagos Islands Cruise

Famous as Charles Darwin’s islands of nature, you can experience the Galapagos Islands in luxury on a cruise ship. These exotic islands give you an adventure while enjoying Michelin-starred menus and high-tech cabins.

Where Are the Best Places to Cruise to This Year?

There are so many amazing destinations to travel to via cruise ship.

Simply choosing one each year can give you a headache. Take our advice by picking one of these incredible cruise experiences!

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