How can you travel on a low budget while you’re still a student? Even if you get a scholarship and you work to earn your own money, you don’t have enough for all the places you want to see. You have an inner drive to experience different places and cultures. You often take road trips, but that doesn’t meet your needs. You want to travel abroad. You want to see the world.

There is a way.

If you become a volunteer, you’ll travel on a minimal budget. But you’ll also achieve another one of your goals: you’ll give a contribution to make this world a better place.

What are the best places to volunteer? If you’re ready to apply to a volunteering program, what spot should you choose?

We have a nice list for you.

10 Best Places to Volunteer Abroad

1. Peru

Peru is one of the most beautiful destinations in the entire world. Don’t you get chills just by thinking of Machu Picchu? It’s not just about the mountains and ancient civilizations, though. Peru is beautiful because of its people. They are known as kind, passionate personalities who are always excited to see strangers.

There are various programs for volunteers in Peru. You can volunteer with kids or join healthcare activities. You can teach people English. But you can also engage in nature-preservation programs.

2. Croatia

It may be expensive for you to travel to Croatia, especially if you’re a U.S. student. But this country is so beautiful that it deserves a spot on your list.

Croatia recently faced a problem with refugees. If you want to help them feel better, you can join a program that protects their rights. But Croatia offers other opportunities as well. You can teach English or even work on dolphin conservation.

Whatever program you choose, one thing is certain: this is a place you’ll definitely enjoy. Croatia has some of the most beautiful beaches in the world, so plan your volunteering trip during summer time.

3. Thailand

Thailand is not all about massages, beaches, and temples. It’s a country hit by poverty. Tribal villages also need help with education, and the elephants in wildlife sanctuary could certainly use you as a volunteer.

Thailand offers immense volunteering opportunities. It’s a relatively cheap country, so you’ll be able to explore it on a low budget. Many students decide to get a gap year and spend it in Thailand. The culture and the nature have such magnetism that it’s not easy for them to go back soon.

“I’ll extend the stay for two weeks. Who cares about that project? I’ll just find university assignment writing help. Meanwhile, I’ll be useful and I’ll enjoy my time here”.

That’s the mindset that this relaxed country triggers in students. When you’re in Thailand, there’s enough time for everything.

4. Cuba

This is what people think on their first encounter with Cuban culture: “I feel like I went back in time”. Sure; they have phones and tablets. But the Cuban vibe is still retro, and that’s exactly why it attracts young people from all around the world.

It’s a completely different culture that teaches you to put community instead of individualism first. You can volunteer in environmental sustainability, public health, education, and other types of programs.

5. Vietnam

The beauty of this country makes you think you’re on another planet. Vietnam still has nature that hasn’t been influenced by human society. That’s exactly why it needs preservation. There are 54 hill tribes that live by doing minimum harm to the environment. You can learn from them, but they can also learn from you.

Volunteers in various industries are welcome in Vietnam. If you’re studying to become a doctor or a nurse, you’ll have several healthcare programs to choose from. But you can also volunteer in programs that fight poverty, offer education, or provide protection to the environment.

6. South Africa

Do you love nature? You’d like to see how natural human relations look like? Then for you, South Africa is the best place to volunteer. This is a society in transition, attempting to blend into the modern world. Volunteers become part of that change, supporting people along the process.

While you volunteer in the chosen program, you’ll also have time to explore South Africa. If you’re a surfer, its beaches will feel like heaven. But hey; when in South Africa, it’s all about safaris. Don’t worry; killing wild animals is out of the question. You’ll just enjoy the ride in nature and you’ll see the animals in their natural habitat.

7. Morocco

This is another African country being changed by the westernization trend. That’s not necessarily bad or necessarily good. It’s just what it is, and it’s what the Moroccan people choose. As a result of this transition, volunteering programs are open across all causes and industry. You can join a healthcare or educational program. But the country also struggles with poverty, orphaned children, and women’s rights. There are plenty of options here.

Let’s not forget to mention that Morocco is also very beautiful!

8. Haiti

Despite your initial impression, Haiti is a very progressive country. It became the only country with a successful slave rebellion in the 19th century. But due to its location, it’s a subject to Nature’s destructive power.

Some neighborhoods and families still haven’t recovered from the horrifying earthquake in 2010. They will sure appreciate a helping hand.

9. Australia

Wait; isn’t Australia one of the most economically stable countries in the world? Why would they need volunteers?

Poverty is not the only issue that attracts volunteers. Here, you’ll be needed in wildlife preservation and rescue, as well as environmental conservation programs. Interested?

10. Romania

When you first heard about it and looked at pictures, Romania didn’t seem like the most interesting country in the world. Sure; Dracula made it intriguing, but other than that, most people don’t have an irresistible desire to go there.

Their impression is easily changed once they start researching more. Romania has amazing history and heritage. The people are open to connections and adventures, so you’ll enjoy having them as friends.

What’s Your Choice?

Your life will turn upside down when you start volunteering in other countries. If you’re like most people who experienced the thrill of this experience, you won’t limit yourself to a single country and program. You have a chance to explore the world and help it.

Do you have an adventurous spirit? Are you an empath? Do you love traveling?

Then volunteering is the best thing you could do for yourself.

You’re in college, but that doesn’t mean you’re chained. You have summer and winter vacations, so you can use them for volunteering programs abroad.