As soon as you start planning your winter trip to Austria, it is better if you know where you’re heading, so to speak – after all, you can’t expect to get the treatment of the best ski destination if you choose one based on the fact that it snows and there are mountains in the background, right?

This is why, before getting off your Salzburg airport transfer and heading to your location of choice, you have to make sure that the specific location will match your taste and your expectations.

Therefore, in today’s article, we will tell you which the top 5 ski destinations of Austria are – we hope that you’ll find your favorite among them!


If you are looking for world-class skiing, then you should head to Innsbruck. This location comes equipped with a cable-car that will take you to the center of Innsbruck, right where all of the skiing related action happens.

Moreover, you can come across six ski areas that surround Innsbruck – with a simple purchase of an OlympicWorld ski pass, you get access to more than 300km of ski trails in a total of nine areas, including the Stubai Glacier, which comes with 50km of intensive skiing.

Lech-Zürs am Arlberg

This location has been recently connected to another one of Austria’s top ski destinations, St. Anton – we’ll talk about it as well. The village of Lech is known to host royalty and celebrities on a weekly basis, due to its high-end lodgings and the remote setting, which provides a certain air of exclusivity, so to say.

The village of Zürs is smaller than Lech, and also quieter – however, it is a favorite when it comes to off-piste skiers that want to discover its backcountry terrain. The two villages are connected by a cable car – but important is what lies between them.

Between Zürs and Lech, you can find 350km of high-altitude terrain that makes up for good snow and enough skiing.

St. Anton am Arlberg

In terms of Austria Arlberg, St. Anton is one of the most popular ski resorts – it is usually frequented by serious skiers, as the runs it comes with are some of the most challenging in the Alps.

St. Anton comes with 280km of ski-ready terrain, reaching an altitude of around 2,800m – it is recommended for intermediate to advanced skiers and comes with plenty of off-piste opportunities as well.


This location is only one hour away from Innsbruck and it comes with reliable snow and high altitude – is it also linked to two glaciers, making it perfect for those who want to have such skiing experiences.

As a location, it was quite unknown until it appeared in the 2015 installment of the James Bond franchise, SPECTRE. After this, more and more people became aware of the 150 km of ski-ready terrain, appropriate for gentle and intermediate skiers.

The three mountains this destination is made of are connected by ski runs and lifts, making getting from one side to another a real challenge.


This town can be found between Salzburg and Innsbruck and it is also considered one the country’s loveliest towns – this is mostly because it comes equipped with high-end Swiss resorts.

This is also the place where the annual Hahnenkamm takes place – one of the toughest downhill ski races, on terrain that gets as high as 85% vertical in some places. However, there’s plenty of room for all types of skiers on the available 170 km of snow.

Moreover, taking a short bus ride from Kitzbühel to SkiWelt will unlock another 280 km of snow and, therefore, trails, that are equipped with around 90 lifts.