According to the European Travel Commission, Romania was among the top adventure travel destinations for 2018. Normally known by Count Dracula, this Eastern European country has much more to offer. In today’s article, we will present you ten reasons why you need to go and explore many hidden corners of this gem of a country.

1.Some of the Best and Cheapest Nightlife Options in Europe

You may also hear stories about amazing Bucharest stag do night from numerous of satisfied bachelors who returned from Romanian capital recently. Party options here are many and one of the greatest additions to this experience is the fact that Bucharest is one of the most affordable capitals of EU.

That being said the average alcohol price is 30% lower than in western counterparts. Nightlife representation is colorful and diverse and its nearly impossible not to find just the thing to your taste. Thousands of youngsters flock into party circles every weekend and the locals are always filled with that famous Balkan party joy that they are ready to spread to all at any moment.

2. Intact Nature

Mountains of the Carpathians with their steep rocky peaks that tend to reach the sky. There are thousands of incredible trekking routes. One of the best options is to stay in Brasov and start a trekking route from there in the Bucegi Mountains.

Romania has the largest population of bears, wolves and lynxes in Europe thanks to healthy forests, so bears tracking is definitely a mandatory activity in Romania, especially if you travel there in spring when the bears go out in search of food after of the long hibernation in winter. You can do this activity in Zarnesti, where is the Zarnesti Bear Reserve.

3. Traditional Rural Life

It may give you the feeling that you are going back in time. Once you arrive in a Romanian village you realize that the villagers still live a simple life and doing agriculture in the traditional way, in some villages you can still see the cows returning to their homes in the late evening, the shepherds with his sheep in the hills and the chickens running quietly in the gardens.

4. The Well-preserved Medieval Cities of Sibiu, Sighisoara, and Brasov

Sibiu has been European cultural capital in 2007 and since then it has developed significantly, so much so that in summer it is quite difficult to find rooms in hotels unless you make your reservation at least a few months in advance. Sighisoara is said to be the birthplace of Dracula’s father, Vlad Dracul, and it has a well-preserved, small fortified town. The citadel of Sighisoara has been cataloged by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site.

5. Viscri and Biertan, Two of the Best-preserved Villages in Romania

Beautiful Saxon villages where Prince Charles owns properties as well. The Saxon fortified church in Biertan is a UNESCO world heritage site.

biertan romania

6. Maramures, the Region Where Customs are the Best Preserved

It is a wonderful destination for families to experience the old way of life so that children see how villages work, how food is prepared and how animals are cared for. The people there are very welcoming and kind. It is impossible not to fall in love with that surrounding.

7. Cultural Diversity

The land of Transylvania has been shared by four ethnic groups for centuries: Romanian, Hungarian, German and Roma. Each of them has left traces and cultural heritage, one more reason to visit a greater part of this region.

bran castle romania

8. Bran, the So-called Castle of Dracula

This is a necessity when going to Romania not because it became so famous thanks to the imagination of Bram Stoker, but because apart from all the mystery that surrounds it is a truly beautiful castle.

9. Peles Castle in Sinaia

Sinaia is a well-preserved mountain resort. Aristocratic houses with charm flanked by majestic rocky peaks, lots of hiking trails and a ski resort. Next to Sinaia is Peles Castle, which is absolutely spectacular. Built for King Carol I, at the end of a forest road and in the middle of nature.

It has one hundred and sixty rooms with different influences, from Moorish to Turkish, Venetian, Florentine or French. It is a piece of art that we recommend from the heart to visit. Although Bran is the most famous castle, Peles is the most spectacular. Booking 2-3 hours for the visit to this castle is a must.

10. The Danube Delta

The largest and best-preserved delta in Europe, the Danube that flows into the Black Sea, is home to 300 species of birds. If you love watching birds, it is the place to be. Kayak route or boat trip are the typical activities that take place here. If you ever arrive in this region choose a suitable guide, ecologist or ornithologist who can explain about the real pains and beauties of this unique place.

danube delta romania