Whoever thought that college is something to joke about should think twice. College means hard-work, discipline, and an enormous amount of work. If you are not among the strong college students, you might lose it. Studies show that mental health issues are most prevalent on college campuses, with almost 73% of students beginning to feel depressed or anxious only in college. So, if you are not prepared to face your semester accordingly, you might have to face worse outcomes. That’s why we prepared five tips for students who need our help. Check them out!

1. Plan it Out

The first thing you should do before school starts is buy a planner. Then, next step is organizing all the activities that you will be doing this semester. Start with your doctor/dentist appointments and finish with your social nights out, but whatever you do, don’t miss out on anything. Make sure you got it all written down so when exam time comes, you’ll be prepared. If you are enrolled in educational clubs, sports clubs, or any other type of activity, ask them for this semester’s timetable. Then, plan your affairs according to that schedule and stick to them.

To plan your schedule faster, use online planning tools such as Google Calendar, Soshiku, or Remember the Milk.

2. Avoid Falling Behind

Once the semester starts, professors will start giving out assignments as it’s Christmas Eve, so make sure you are prepared to face that amount of hard work. The first step you must take (and hopefully already did) is plan your activities out (see ‘buy a planner’). Now, it’s time to stop falling behind and learn how to deal with issues like a professional.

  • For starters, learn how to manage your tasks like a pro – that means, don’t do things last minute. If you have a big project coming up next week, start working on it already. At least think about the concepts you’ll want to discuss and come up with an outline.
  • Be prompt! When hearing about a task, write it down immediately to avoid forgetting about it. Set it up on your calendar or write it down on your notes. At the end of the day, check your platforms and transfer those must-dos to your calendar.
  • At the end of each week, review your activity and track your progress. See where you stand and learn from your mistakes. If you could have done something better, what would it have been?
  • Break your assignments down into smaller pieces and finish them separately. Don’t multitask, it never works. Focusing on one thing at a time is smarter.
  • Even if you don’t feel like it, work every single day, at least for one hour. This way, your tasks won’t pile up and your assignments will lessen.

3. Manage Your Time

Managing your time might be one of the most challenging things you’ll have to do in college, as you’ve already seen. This is the exact reason why our article focuses so much on this part. If you can manage your time, you can manage your schoolwork, which immediately sets yourself up for college success. As some would say, time is money, so organize it accordingly!

  • Design your own routines and follow them. For instance, if your number one passion is hitting the gym (or you simply do it to keep fit), set a time when you will pursue this activity no matter what and keep your promise. No matter what happens, you will hit the gym 8-10 AM every morning, no questions asked. Creating routines is helpful when schedules are packed, and activities seem to overflow your day.
  • Stay healthy. I know that this is something that should come naturally, but many students completely forget about their health when stressed. If you are one of them, keep in mind that a healthy life equals a healthy mind, which in return equals successful school returns. So, stay healthy! Keep your energy up at all times and get enough rest. Eat well and avoid staying up too late dealing with your assignments. If you need a short break to set your mind free, find someone who offers assignment help and take some time off. Health is more important than anything, so if you’re being offered a helping hand, don’t refuse it.
  • Find the perfect balance. Many students find it hard to find a balance while in college, but I always say that’s because they don’t know what they want. If you set your priorities straight, you’ll be able to find a balance within weeks.

4. Take Breaks

As I mentioned earlier, taking breaks is highly important when in college. You cannot function 24 hours a day, 7 days a week without burning out. You need time off to relax and enjoy your life as a… human. So, take time to jog, play with (your) pets, socialize with friends, hike, meditate, or even party if this is what loosens you up. But whatever you do, don’t give up on your free time to work, that’s not how life works. And if you set this habit in college, you’ll most likely end up doing the same thing after you graduate. Nothing is worth as much as your free time.

5. Don’t Procrastinate (quit distractions!)

Last but not least, stop procrastinating! Yes, professors tell you this, parents tell you this, I am telling you this, so maybe (only maybe) we do have a point. Stay away from social media while you are working on your assignments and, if you have a busier week, make yourself unavailable to hang out from the very first start. Tell your friends not to call or text for some days to let you focus on your work. If they’re real friends, they’ll understand! Promise them you’ll reach out as soon as you’re done with your hard work.


If you are able to follow these steps accordingly, you’ll see that your coping skills will not only improve but help you succeed in areas you haven’t even thought about. It’s important that you avoid falling behind and keep organized in order to stay on top. Good luck!