Have you just been asked by a mom-to-be to organize a baby shower for her? Then, it’s time to get working if you want to make it a successful event!

Here are some tips that will help you in organizing an amazing baby shower for the mom-to-be:

1. Have A Colour Theme for The Shower

Adding a color theme to the baby shower you are organizing could do wonders for the event. If you want to let the attendees know about the gender of the baby, you can go with colors like blue and pink which are generally used to specify the gender.

But if you want to keep the guests guessing, simply use a non-gender-specific color. Using combinations of two or more colors is always a good choice as it will lighten up the event even more.

2. Select The Venue

Choosing a suitable venue to hold the baby shower is a very important factor. Your choice of the venue should be based on a number of factors including- your budget, the number of people you are inviting, and the activities you are planning to conduct.

Once you take all of these factors into account, you can either go with a function venue or simply conduct the event at home. Function venues are a good option if you are inviting a lot of people or you want to take off the burden of catering from your shoulders.

If you want to add a personal touch to the event, decorating your home, and having the shower there is a great choice. It all depends on what is your vision for the event.

3. Prepare a Guest List

Preparing a guest list is one of the most crucial tasks of the entire organization process for the baby shower. You must include people that are very close to the mother-to-be. Besides the family members and some other close friends, you should also ask the mother if she wants to have the attendees bring their kids over.

Having close male members has also become a trend recently. Make sure that you run through the guest list with the mother to ensure that you aren’t inviting someone who she doesn’t approve of. As soon as you’re done with the guest list, you need to create an invitation card for the baby shower.

4. Make A Baby Shower Invitation Card

Yes, it is the digital age and you were hoping that you could just shoot a simple text to all the people you want to invite to the shower and that will allow you to cross one item off your list. But that’s just too bland.

It’s always a great choice to design baby shower invitation cards. The cards should match the theme of the shower. In the card, you should include a few lines describing, why you are organizing the event and why you’d love for that person to attend. Include the details of the shower on the card as well.

5. Prepare the menu and the course of activities

Any good baby shower should have a couple of fun activities that can be enjoyed by all the attendees and the mom-to-be. You should talk to them about the kind of vibe they want for the shower. This will give you a better idea as to what kind of activities you can include in your plan.

Also, come up with a simple menu that suits the vibe. You need not go all out and have complicated dishes. Just have some tasty and simple snacks that all the attendees can enjoy throughout the event. Depending on the time of the shower, and the mom-to-be’s preference, you can also organize a proper lunch or dinner beside the snacks.

6. Give the Guest Party Favours

At the end of the event, after you’ve done your best to throw a perfect baby shower for the mom-to-be, you should offer the guests some items that will help them remember what a fantastic baby shower organizer you are!

You can have party favors that fit your budget for the event and are in accordance with the whole theme for the baby shower. Creating your own party favors like little thank you notes with a sweet message from the baby-to-be is always a great option to add a personal touch.

Make sure that you carefully follow all of the above steps and make the baby shower a day to remember for the mom-to-be!