Taking a holiday is exciting and can also produce some stress. If you plan ahead, your trip will be the best it can be. One of the “must-have” holiday needs is an EHIC. This is a card which helps pay for medical expenses when you are traveling in Europe, even if you have traveler’s insurance.

You will need to protect your EHIC and keep it in a safe place just as you do your passport and other important documents. However, if you find yourself in a stolen European Health Insurance Card situation, there are places you can contact that will help you get a renewal card on the double.

Here are 5 top tips to remember to insure you have the best holiday.

1. Pack Efficiently

There are many travel websites that tout the efficiency of packing your clothes in a “burrito” or as a roll. Although some people don’t think this is a good idea, because they are afraid of wrinkles, but if you pack light, not tight, you will avoid wrinkles and have more space.

When packing your suitcase, some say to pack shirts with shirts and the like with like. However, some other travelers swear by packing outfits, that way you are always ready to get dressed and go without trying to put fashions together at the last minute.

2. Plan Activities

Planning what you and your family are going to do on each day is a great way to take the stress out of your holiday. Search what there is to do at your destination before you arrive. You might also purchase tickets to events and activities ahead of time to avoid the lines.

Be sure to plan in “downtime” in which there is really nothing planned for the day. This could be the time for souvenir shopping or relaxing by the hotel pool, or family game time.

3. Leave Valuables at Home

If you are flying, it is best to leave valuable jewelry at home as you may be asked to take it off going through the security system. If you must bring jewelry on your trip, look at cheap costume pieces that accent what you plan on wearing. This way, if the items are lost or stolen, they won’t be missed or expensive to replace.

4. Mind the Liquids

If you are flying, be sure to check with the airlines regarding how much liquid you can have in both your carry-on and the checked bags. It is better to get it right than to have to give up a full-size new bottle of your favorite shampoo.

5. Relax

It may be hard to do if you are in charge of children and others but try to have a good time and relax. After all, that is what a holiday is for, to get away and have fun.

Take a break from everyone and everything, go for a walk alone for a few moments or relax by the water. You will be surprised what a little alone time will do for your mental health.