For many, organizing their apartment becomes a permanent to-do. It’s an ongoing resolution that pushes you to organize things and set up a functional home.

But after a while, it’s easy for clutter to pile up again. And as frustrating as that might be, you can’t ignore it.

The truth is it’s essential to conquer the mess sooner rather than later. If you don’t – it’ll only get worse!

If clutter is cramping your style, never fear. We have seven techniques you can learn and apply to put things back in place.

These secrets will help transform your interiors from “Help! I can’t see my floor,” to an organized place of tranquility.

1. Undecorate Rooms

If you’ve gone to town with the decorations and it’s now overwhelming, it’s time to undecorate.

To clear up some space, cut back on items. Think about removing a few pictures, pillows, and collectibles.

It’ll be hard at first figuring out what to do away with inside your apartment.

Make a conscious effort to rid yourself of unnecessary clutter. Trust us when we say, your place will look a lot better.

Adding to that thought, a great way to streamline decor is by adding floating shelves.

After installing them, focus on which decorations you want.

Don’t overflow shelves with too much decor, or the room will continue to look overly cluttered.

2. Use a Laundry Hamper With a Lid

You might be so busy that you don’t have much time for laundry.

If your laundry hamper doesn’t have a lid, it’s easy for clothing to spill onto the floor.

Unfortunately, clothing that falls onto the floor impacts the cleanliness of your apartment. Plus, no one likes seeing a bunch of dirty laundry on the floor.

That’s especially the case with guests who come over. If they see your laundry taking over, they might think twice before coming over to visit again!

You can solve this problem by getting a hamper with a lid. Your laundry will be out of sight, but don’t let it fall out of mind.

Even hampers with lids run out of space. Don’t ignore your laundry, as tempting as that may be. It’s best to conquer laundry sooner rather than later.

3. Store Shirts Vertically

If you have too many shirts and not enough space to store them – there’s a solution.

Fold your shirts and place them in your dresser drawers vertically!

So that you can figure out which shirt you’re grabbing, fold them a certain way.

The goal is to have an identifying feature show (such as part of the print), so you’ll know which shirt is which.

And if there isn’t an identifying feature, you can organize a few shirts by color. You may not know the exact shirt you’re grabbing, but it’ll be in the color you want!

For the most part, this is an excellent solution to organizing and seeing what shirts you have in your dresser.

If the print on a shirt shows, you can find it and get ready in a jiffy.

4. Avoid Collecting Knick-knacks

If you’re a knick-knack collector, you may wish to kick this habit before it gets out of hand.

A couple examples of knick-knacks are small picture frames and tiny ceramic characters. It’s fun displaying them – until your bookshelves (and other surfaces) look way too busy.

But, if they’re collectible curiosities, you might be able to sell them.

Do some research, and you may be pleasantly surprised. Selling some items will make room for other essential belongings.

If you can’t live without a few odds and ends, at least make sure they stay organized.

And, keep like items together. A bunch of random knick-knacks everywhere in your apartment could be a terrible eyesore!

5. Make Your Bed Every Day

If you grew up having to make your bed every day, continue this habit.

Making your bed first thing in the morning will keep your bedroom looking tidy. It’ll also create a sense of visual organization.

If your bed looks great, then you’ll naturally want to keep dirty clothes away.

And, your neat bed will put other areas in your room to shame if there’s a lot of clutter. You can solve that by making a conscious effort to straighten things up!

Reducing the amount of clutter in your room will allow you to enjoy your space once more.

6. Clear off Flat Surfaces

Flat surfaces such as desks and countertops are more likely to get cluttered quickly.

It’s okay to keep a few essentials. But for the most part, there should be only a few items on flat surfaces.

Instead of having random things on countertops, create space in drawers. You could also stick them in containers and put them on the shelf.

There are many ways to clear off counters in your apartment. Figure out a system now so that items won’t continue to pile up. Moving forward, stay on top of the mess.

7. Keep Track of the Items You Use

After organizing things, one way to maintain order going forward is by keeping track of the items you use.

Throughout the year, if there’s something you aren’t using, get rid of it. The last thing you want to do is undo all your hard work by keeping too many things.

So, remember which items you own and don’t buy extras.

If it helps, take down a few notes about what you already have. That way, you’ll be less likely to get duplicates down the road.

By following the tips we outlined, you’ll become a happy person without having clutter at every turn.

In an apartment, you should make it your priority to keep things neat and organized.

With less square footage, things can become disorganized faster. But, it’s possible to prevent a big mess before it begins.

If you put in your best effort to keep things tidy and pleasing to the eye, it’ll show.

Stay on top of the clutter, and use these seven secrets to keep your apartment organized forever.
About the author

Karen Lein is the General Manager of Copper Beech at San Marcos. She is a Fresno State alumna and enjoys traveling and watching football. #GoDogs