Acne is a nuisance on the face and can be embarrassing to most people. To save you those uncomfortable moments, here are the best ways to clear acne fast:

1. Do not touch

Acnes are stressing and comes with the urge to remove. Touching the face spreads the bacteria, which increases the spread of the acne across your face. It also puts a lot of stress on the face reducing the chances of healing.

2. Get a Cleanser

Cleaners are one of the most used acne management tools. Whether you suffer from inflammatory acne or any other type, there is a corresponding cleanser. When choosing a cleaner, look for milder type to avoid overreaction. Try an acne treatment kit that comes with active ingredients to reduce excess oil. It helps calm and moisturizes skin to prevent inflammation.

3. Spot Treatment

Acne spot treatment is drugs purchased to treat the pimple. Instead of applying it all over the face, the spot treatment works on a particular blemish. There are several types of spot treatment, depending on your preferences. While some are left overnight, others dry out quickly as others work well with any skin tone to use anytime.

Spot treatment is excellent for simple blemishes that are starting. It loosens up the blockage of the pore that causes acne and helps reduce pain and swelling.

Even though spot treatment tends to work effectively, avoid using it too much or using one that is not meant for your skin.

4. Crushed Aspirin

While most people know aspirin as a pain reliever, it is a useful product for clearing up acne fast. Aspirin is made of acetylsalicylic acid that helps in removing dead skin cells and excess oil. It also has anti-inflammatory properties that help block the formation of other acnes.

Don’t take the aspirin orally as it can cause different effects due to abuse. The best way to use the medicine is topical, where it acts on the skin directly.

5. Tea Tree Oil

Tea Tree oil is one of the most used acne preventing medication in the world. With over 100 compounds, the tea tree has some components useful in fighting acne. The most crucial factor to consider when using the tea tree oil is concentration. The concentration of more than 5% can react with skin leading to more adverse effects. Confirm the concentration on the bottle’s label before use.

6. Avoid Toothpaste

Most people are prone to using toothpaste for acne treatment due to its drying effects. This is not a good idea as you might end up with worse results. Toothpaste contains minerals like calcium carbonate, glycerol, and sorbitol. While the mineral is excellent for dental treatment, they are reactive with skin.

7. Use Makeup Sparingly

When you have acne, you are most likely to use maximum makeup to conceal them. This is wrong as the makeup blocks skin pores that lead to more acne. Instead of the concealers, get an acne kit with all the ingredients for acne treatment.

Bottom Line

Even though treating most acne treatment requires time, these tips ensure a smoother face quickly.