If your kid has crooked teeth and you are looking at options to get them straightened out, then this would be a good time to brush up on your orthodontics knowledge. After all, we know that kids grow up and crooked teeth need to be fixed.

Dental braces are fairly common devices used to straighten teeth, fix gaps, improve alignment and general positioning so as to give the child a more aesthetically pleasing look.

Aesthetics are not the only reason why braces might be used. Sometimes they are necessary for structural reasons, to shape the teeth and jaw appropriate to the bite size. Malocclusions is a condition in which the two arches of the teeth are misaligned; braces are essential for correcting this condition.

The dentist first determines which kind of braces are suitable for the kid. Once the teeth structure is studied using X-rays, a mold is created. This helps the dentist decide the type of braces most suitable for the patient.

Impact on kids

It can be a difficult topic to broach to your child. But a little bit of tact and subtlety on your part will put their mind at ease regarding the procedure.

Metal braces are considered the most effective for children. Their look can be customized according to personal taste; your child may get to choose their favorite color.

The procedure itself is quite simple. It is the waiting period before the procedure that might aggravate them at times. Try to make them comfortable by presenting the whole scenario in a humorous and playful manner. If done right, they will see it as a game rather than a necessary procedure.


The procedure involves brackets being affixed on to the teeth with an adhesive and then being connected with a wire that will put pressure on the top and force them into alignment.

The children might experience mild discomfort initially once the braces have been fitted but no actual pain. The discomfort will gradually subside with time.

Regular appointments will ensure that the braces are gradually tightened as the teeth start to adjust bit by bit. This is necessary to keep the pressure on them until the desired effect is achieved.

The child may experience difficulty chewing normal food so it’s best if you stock your fridge with softer foods that don’t involve a lot of heavy chewing, biting or tearing.

If there is overwhelming pain at any point, it is advised to consult the dentist immediately.

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