Would you like to grind your coffee yourself to enjoy the sweet scents of your favorite hot drink in the morning? Have you chosen to change your habits and switch to coffee beans? However, grinding your coffee well at home becomes a real challenge.

Grinding coffee beans and consuming pre-ground coffee is not the same thing. Playing on different grind levels lets you experience unforgettable coffee tastes. Grinding your little grains at home requires finesse and patience, not to mention analysis. You are the one who will define the perfect type of grind for you and your cup.

You might be wondering how to grind your coffee the way you brewed it. This article shares some useful tips and information on how to grind coffee. Let’s discuss them!

Tips on the Best Ways to Grind Coffee

Grinding Your Coffee First Means Choosing Your Type of Drink

Achieving the grind of our choice depends on the desired drink. If you go for a drink in cold extraction, everything changes from the version of the classic espresso. By opting for an Iced Coffee, your grind should be coarse. It should have the appearance of sugar both visually and to the touch. For several hours, a coarse grind infuses through a permanent or paper filtration system.

In the Iced Coffee version, the infusion can last up to 24 hours if one seeks to extract all the complex peculiarities of the chosen coffee. So grind your coffee in a “sugar” or “black pepper” way to obtain the appropriate grind, and go for your extraction.

Grind Your Coffee According to Your Coffee Maker

If you are wondering how to grind your coffee, know that the size of your grind should be different depending on the chosen coffee maker. So you won’t need the same grind whether you’re using a French press (coffee plunger) or an electric filter coffee machine.

Slow Coffee and Ground Coffee

If you are a fan of Slow Coffee, you are probably looking for the best possible grind. Note that for the coffee plunger, it is necessary to roughly grind your coffee with pieces that could look like coarse salt, for example. However, if you have an infusion coffee maker, do not hesitate to give it a boost for a slightly finer grind.

How to Grind Your Coffee for Your Filter Coffee Maker?

Electric filter coffee makers require the use of medium ground coffee, whether your filter is cone-shaped or flat-bottomed. This element has no impact on the size of the grind. Imagine the texture of the sand getting closer to the ideal grind.

Which Grinder to Choose for Your Coffee Beans?

Depending on your preparation, you must adapt your coffee grinder. To get a very coarse grind, you need to be equipped with a blade mill. It is ideal to accompany electric coffee makers or slow coffee.

Grinding your medium-grind coffee is like choosing an electric coffee grinder. You can find several grinder brands in the market for grinding your average coffee to prepare it for an exceptional electric coffee maker.

To grind your traditional coffee well is to choose a manual grinder. Not all grinders are compatible with your extra fine grind. Only manual grinders can do the trick. Grinding with the power of your hand and the speed of time, you set the pace for your coffee.

Extra Fine Powder for Traditional Versions!

Are you a real espresso lover? Or even Turkish coffee? The grind needs to be very fine, powdery to the touch. Espresso or Turkish grind has a very floured material to the touch. But, how do you know if your coffee is well extracted? Turkish coffee or espresso must have a nice cream above the coffee when leaving. If this is not the case, you must have missed out on something!

For example, an electric coffee grinder is the one you will prefer if you want to obtain a fine or very fine grind.

How to Grind Your Coffee Properly?

It is recommended that you grind your coffee before brewing it to keep all the aromas of your coffee intact. It will retain its entire flavor, and you will probably enjoy grinding it every day. It is estimated to take around two tablespoons of coffee beans per 180 ml of water for strong coffee and two tablespoons per 250 ml of water for a lighter coffee.


We hope that the above tips on the best ways to grind coffee will help you grind the coffee bean at home and experience the best aroma. Indeed, brewing coffee at the last moment turns out to be the best option because coffee ground too early oxidizes and loses its aroma.

So, do not forget to share this with other coffee lovers you know and let us know how these tips worked for you!