After some time, job interviews tend to become just a formality for people who frequently change jobs. In general, there are certain rules to be followed when applying for a job and eventually going to an interview. However, you should stay true to yourself by being honest about your abilities and personality type. Lying on your CV, or lying to your future employees can only disrupt your relationship and affect your job success. Check out our 7 tips which will help you nail your upcoming job interview.

Start With a Smile

The best advice is to start off the interview with a smile. Even though the interviewers might seem serious, you need to show that you are a good-natured person who is passionate about the job. Smiling is a universal sign of kindness and confidence which is a great ice-breaker for semi-formal situations.

Dress to Impress

As we already mentioned, even if the situation is semi-formal, attire needs to be formal. Companies usually have strict dress codes and are judgemental of people who don’t follow the rules from the outset. Choosing a proper interview outfit for your first encounter with the company representatives shows that you are a professional who made an effort to look decent and presentable for the interview.

Tell a Story

Most candidates who make it to interviews are educated and qualified. You need to add spice to the interview by making it hard to forget. Storytelling that showcases your skills and talents and the way you fit into the company, will seal the deal with most interviewers. A great marketing of your skills and impeccable presenting yourself to the representatives of the new company is directly related to high-quality stories you choose to tell.

Prove Your Value

What can you offer to the company? If your set of skills is unique, and backed up with strong evidence of success from your previous jobs, your chances are far better than you thought. For example, including recommendations in your CV, choosing a nice photo and putting the information in chronological order are important factors that are only adding value to your CV.

Know The Job

If you do your research, they will probably be impressed by how knowledgeable you are about the job and how well you understand your tasks. For instance, if the job you’re applying for is a supply chain manager, you have to know beforehand what your obligations and duties are and who you actually manage. It’s even better if you can link some of the situations you dealt with in the past, to your new job position.

Your Body Speaks

Pay attention to the signals you’re sending with your body. Eye contact and a smiling face can affect how people perceive you. When they first meet you, your body will give them the information you are trying to hide. If you’re nervous, your palms will be sweating and if you are not confident enough, your voice will start trembling and shaking.

Landing a job interview won’t be too hard if you try to follow the tips above. You know what they say, practice makes perfect, so don’t be afraid to give it a try. Which tip do you think is the most useful one? Tell us all about it in the comment section below.