A new study conducted by the Pew Research Center found that about 30% of adults living in the United States have used dating apps at some point in their lives. The number of adults who are looking for love online has been skyrocketing in the last couple of years. In 2013, only about 11% of U.S. adults had used online dating apps.

If you’re thinking about making a dating profile for yourself, there are a couple of tips you should follow to make the best profile you can. Dating profile headlines are an important part of your profile.

Keep reading to find out how to write a great one!

Grammar Is Key

The headline on your dating profile is most often the first thing someone reads after looking at your pictures, you want to make sure it’s crisp and clean. This includes making sure the grammar, punctuation, and capitalization are as perfect as can be.

Not every person is a perfect writer but if someone is having a hard time deciphering what your headline says because of bad grammar, they’re more likely to swipe left before reading more of your profile. You don’t want to miss out on meeting great people because you don’t take a second look at what you wrote to correct any spelling mistakes.

If you’re not great at spotting grammar errors, try using Grammarly for some extra help. Make sure you always capitalize where necessary and add periods to the end of sentences to not make them too long.

Write Something That Will Draw Attention

The best dating profile will make a killer first impression. How do you do that though? The key is writing a headline that draws attention and makes someone stop and read more.

The headline should spark interest and curiosity, this will make someone want to know more about you. With that said, a headline should say enough about who you are without giving too much away. You want to leave some room for good conversation with potential dates.

By writing a snippet of something that makes you interesting and unique, you’ll leave room for others to want to know more about you and ask questions. This way you’ll develop a natural rapport that can lead to something more with someone.

Making a dating profile is like learning how to make a slideshow on Mac. You want to create something that looks great and draws people in.

Bring Out the Best Parts of Your Personality

Any good headline will shine a light on the best parts of a story and a dating profile headline should shine a light on the best parts of your personality. You want to let potential dates know exactly the type of person you are, so focusing on a great personality trait is key here.

This will not only tell others who you are but it will make your profile stand out from the millions of people on that dating app. Incorporate some of your passions and why they make you who you are, speaking about what matters to you will attract the right people.

Never Use Cliches

A dating profile bio or a headline should never use cliches, avoid them at all costs. There’s nothing worse than seeing profile after profile saying the same thing. Everyone talks about loving fun times and going out, write something that makes you stand out.

Using cliches will more than likely lead people to swipe left without giving you a second chance. People won’t see that you’re a great person if they see the same headline they just saw on the last 10 profiles.

Always Be Honest

Dating websites are notorious for being filled with liars, so it’s understandable to approach online dating with some hesitation. While you want to write a headline that draws attention, it’s never good to exaggerate the truth for it. Honesty will get you far with possible dates and it can lead to something more meaningful in time.

Expressing what you want out of the experience in your headline is just as important as showing who you are. This will help you match with people who are looking for similar things.

Use a Couple of Jokes

Making someone laugh and showing that you have a good sense of humor will always make you more attractive to a person. Writing a funny headline will most likely lead to more people wanting to interact with you and can create a genuine connection.

You can also add some jokes about your favorite movies or TV shows, show off your quirkier, nerdy side. Writing a funny headline on your dating profile shows that you don’t take everything in life too seriously and that you’ll be a fun person to get to know.

Don’t Focus on the Negative

A dating profile and a headline should always present your best self, so you should never focus on anything negative when writing a headline. Negativity is the quickest way to turn someone off and will most certainly have them swiping left on your profile. You want others to be interested not offended by you.

Short and Simple Always Wins

A headline should be short and to the point to garner the most attention. You’ll have the rest of your profile and any future messages to elaborate on who you are.

Writing a long headline might make people lose interest. So make it short and focus on your strong traits.

What to Include in the Best Dating Profile Headlines

Writing catchy dating profile headlines doesn’t have to be too hard if you follow some of our tips. If you focus on some of our suggestions, you’re sure to write a great headline and make your dating profile stand out.

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