If you’re a big fan of sports, know that you don’t necessarily have to go to a court or a park to enjoy them. Many of the sports that you love could be played from the comfort of your home. Even if the sports you like require a lot of space, there are ways that you can work around space limitations and still practice them. All you need is a little bit of imagination and elbow grease. Let’s take a look at how you can make your home more sports friendly.

Build a Rec Room

If you have space that you’re not using, you can turn it into a sports-oriented rec room. You could get things like a ping pong table, a basketball arcade machine, and even a punching bag. And, if you have the space and the money for it, you could also look for a simulator.

If you’re into golfing, for instance, then getting a golf simulator could be a great option. You could get a full-on simulator with a large screen and projector or a machine that will allow you to shoot into a net and show the ball’s trajectory on a smaller TV screen.

Another option would be to get a projector and invest in a motion-controlled console like the Nintendo Wii or the Switch. Or you could buy a few VR handsets, set up a space for VR gaming, and buy a few sports games.

Turn Your Backyard into a Bullpen

If you or your children are into baseball and you have a pretty big backyard, then you could turn it into a practice area. You could get a batting cage and a pitching machine if you want to practice batting, or a pitching net and portable pitching platform if you want to practice your pitching and stop messing around with dirt piles.

Know that you can also get an indoor professional mound and a pitching simulator. This would make a great addition to the rec room we mentioned earlier.

Set Up a Basketball Court

If you have the space, you can buy a basketball hoop and play in your driveway, or you could go a step further and set up a court in your backyard. All you need is enough space to replicate the real court experience. This will allow you to at least practice free throws and get some fun one-on-one action.

Having a court installed will cost you around $12,000 at the very least, so this is a significant investment. However, it will be well worth it if you’re a big fan of the game and want to get some practice in.

Set Up a Backyard Skating Rink

If you’re living somewhere that gets very cold in the winter and don’t want to have to go to the local rink every time you want to skate, know that you could set up a skating rink in your backyard pretty easily. The best part is that it wouldn’t be permanent since the ice will be melting in the spring.

All you will need is some white tarp, a few pieces of lumber, deck screws, landscaping stakes, marking paint, and 5-inch angles. You will also need some string lights. There are plenty of tutorials that will teach you exactly how to build it and this is something anyone with intermediate DIY skills should be able to make.

These are all things that you can do to instantly make your home more sports friendly. You’ll then have the chance to enjoy your favorite sports whenever you want and have tons of fun with your friends and family.