Nothing beats taking a cool dip in your backyard swimming pool on a hot summer day. However, maintaining a crystal-clear pool can be a challenging task. On the other hand, it doesn’t have to be overwhelming, either.

Every pool owner should consider finding professional help through a simple search for “pool service near me“. But, when it’s necessary to proceed on your own, here are five essential tips to keep your swimming pool looking its best.

1. Skim and Scrub Regularly

Skimming is an essential task every pool owner should perform to keep their pool clean. Make it a habit to skim the water surface daily to remove any leaves, debris, or bugs floating on top. You can use a handheld skimmer to perform this task effortlessly.

It’s also crucial to scrub the walls of your pool regularly. If you ignore this task, algae and other unattractive build-ups can form on the walls and steps. Scrub to break up algae deposits and vacuum them out of the pool. Maintain a weekly routine for scrubbing and ensure you use proper tools like pool brushes of appropriate stiffness for your pool type.

2. Regularly Check and Maintain pH Levels

Maintaining the right pH levels in your swimming pool is crucial for effective cleaning. You can easily check your pool’s pH levels once or twice a week using test strips or drop kits from local pool supply stores.

The ideal pH range for swimming pools is between 7.2 and 7.8. If the pH levels are too high, add a pH reducer; if they are too low, consider adding alkaline solutions to restore balance. Doing this ensures a comfortable and enjoyable swimming experience while maximizing the efficiency of any chemical treatments you use.

3. Consider a Pool Cover

A pool cover is an excellent investment to keep your pool clean while conserving water and energy by reducing evaporation. By preventing debris from entering the water, you’ll spend less time skimming and find it easier to maintain your water chemistry. Additionally, safety covers can provide peace of mind by preventing unsupervised access to the pool for children or pets.

4. Clean and Maintain Your Filter Systems

Pool filters are crucial for keeping your swimming pool sanitized and debris-free, allowing you to enjoy a refreshing swim every time. Regardless of whether you have a sand, cartridge, or DE filter system, make it a priority to clean them regularly.

Experts recommend backwashing your filter system once every month and replacing filter cartridges when they have reached their life expectancy. Failure to properly maintain filters can lead to inadequate cleaning performance and even possible equipment damage.

5. Schedule Regular Professional Pool Maintenance

Although DIY maintenance can save money for diligent owners, scheduling regular professional pool services offers numerous advantages that shouldn’t be overlooked. Seasoned professionals will perform thorough inspections that might uncover potential problems that could escalate into major repairs down the road if untreated. By outsourcing expert help periodically, you ensure lasting quality for your pool and peace of mind for its upkeep.

Using a combination of these five tips will keep your pool sparkling clean and safe for swimming all season long. Enjoy your pool while it lasts – before you know it, winter will be here, and your pool will be covered up until next summer!