Have you ever heard of cases where the elderly are mistreated? To avoid taking your loved one to one of those facilities, you need to find a safe, assisted living facility.

Around 117 million of Americans will require elderly assistance by 2020. With this number, most of the people will opt for a safe assisted living facility.

1. Core Services Must Be Provided

When selecting senior living facilities, you should look at the services offered and their safety measures. You don’t want to take your loved one to a place where they won’t get the best services. The assisted living facility should provide basic services.

Most of the elderly who are taken to assisted living homes may have dementia, or they may be bedridden. Ensure that they get the care needed and that they don’t feel neglected.

Some of the services include bathing, dressing, meal services, transportation, and medical management.

2. The Location of The Safe Assisted Living Facility

When looking for a safe assisted living facility, you should consider the location. Since you are taking your loved one to a new place, you need to ensure that they are familiar with the environment like the weather.

Additionally, you don’t want to put your loved one in a distant place that won’t be easier for you to travel to. Look for a facility that you can drive to in a few minutes.

Find a living facility that is close to you with the best facilities. If you can’t, then you can look for one that is close to another trusted family member who will be willing to make frequent visits.

3. Consider the Cost but don’t Compromise Safety

When you are searching for assisted living homes, the cost of the place is always a concern. You want your loved one to stay in a comfortable place without breaking the bank. Most senior living facilities are much affordable as compared to nursing homes.

Additionally, you can pay for the facility using veteran’s benefits, Medicaid, and long-term care insurance. This helps reduce the heavy burden of paying for the best care. Also, you don’t need to look for a cheap place which doesn’t have the best services.

4. Facilities Shouldn’t Treat Elderly People like They Are in Prison

The elders have a sense of independence and can make their own choices. You don’t want your loved one to feel like they are living in prison. You want them to have an experience like they are living in a gated community where they have access to all facilities.

They can choose their meals, what show they love to watch and when to wake. Additionally, you can look for a place that allows them to have a pet. This choices and freedom will make them feel at home and safe.

5. Family and Friends Are Welcome to Visit

You need your loved one to feel the love from their family and friends. Look for a safe assisted living facility that supports family interaction. The best-assisted living should allow impromptu family and friends to visit.

This makes the elders feel closer to their family and have a sense of belonging. They feel loved, and they can be able to cope with daily activities. Moreover, they feel like they are at home where they have family visits.

Bottom Line

You need to ensure essential services are provided in the safe assisted living facility. You should base your choice on the services provided, assisted living cost, location, allowed visits, and independence given to seniors. This is to ensure that seniors are safe and well taken care of.