When the way our kitchen looks is not making us happy anymore, we know it’s time for a renovation. But, instead of bringing us joy, as it will help us gain a brand new kitchen, this process can actually give us headaches. Yes, it will take a bit of time, patience, and effort to get the desired results. This is why we came with a list of highly useful tips that will help you transform a kitchen renovation into a pleasant and fun experience. Also, the tips will allow you to go smoothly through the entire process, so you’ll be done with it before you know it.

Find the best provider to work with

Renovating the kitchen as soon as possible doesn’t mean you should just the first service and kitchen furniture provider that crosses your path. You should do some shopping around, making sure you get what you need, at reasonable prices. Finding a company that can offer a wide range of services is a very good way to shorten the period of the renovation. So, look for companies that can create the kind of kitchen you need, according to the space you have available while offering the fastest turnaround possible. Of course, look for quality and reliability, as you don’t renovate your kitchen every year. Kitchen Warehouse Ltd is one of the companies that can give you everything you need when it comes to kitchens. Their product portfolio is varied and their prices more than competitive.

Do some proper planning first

Don’t just shop for kitchen furniture without having a plan first. You may like to have an island in your kitchen, but it may not be applicable in your case, due to space restrictions. So, it would be a good idea to plan and try your ideas before actually purchasing kitchen furniture. Creating makeshift kitchen furniture pieces will give you a clearer idea of what may work and what won’t work. Also, list down the aspects that are making you unhappy about your current kitchen, so you will look to improve your future furniture. Most people find it hard to realize how space will change in an empty kitchen after furniture is put in place. This is why trying with plywood makeshifts will help you have a clearer view of how your kitchen would look like.

There’s no need to renovate the entire kitchen

If you’re dreaming about a change, but your budget is short on the moment, or the cabinets are still in great condition, so you have no reason to change them, a renovation may not appear like a legit idea. In this case, you should knot that you can still change the face of your kitchen, by employing certain tricks. For instance, replace just the doors of your cabinets, with the help of services providing replacement kitchen doors. If you do just this step, your kitchen will look brand new. Also, you can make slight adjustments, like opting for different lighting fixtures and new chairs. Even the window curtains can add a fresh note to your kitchen. All of these don’t cost that much, but they will help you refresh the appearance of your kitchen.

Go for multifunctional kitchens

Most people think that kitchens are functional spaces, made just for cooking. Well, why don’t you integrate a nice space for serving breakfast or coffee in the morning? Maybe you could use some extra working space? The whole idea is to get the most of the available space and create areas that can be used by the entire family. So, have a conversation with the family on this subject and even ask for recommendations from your contractor. If you find a way to integrate more than one purpose into your kitchen, you’ll get more value out of the money you’ll invest in the renovation.

Add as much counter space as it is possible

It doesn’t matter if you cook on a daily basis or just occasionally, as an extra counter will never be too much. Even if you can’t find what to put in it at the moment, you will find plenty of items to store in it by the time you have it. A general rule when it comes to kitchens is that there is no such thing are too much counter space, so do your best to maximize this part and you’ll enjoy a generous storage space.

This is the best time to get a bigger fridge

Your family was probably not this big when you got the fridge you have at the moment. So, if you find your food cramped inside the fridge most of the time, perhaps your kitchen renovation project should include a bigger fridge. Because it is a rather large item and you may have to take it into consideration when designing the kitchen furniture, you should decide on this aspect before you buy the new furniture items.

Communication is key from start to end

A renovation process will take time and will make a bit of mess in your house. But, if you plan everything carefully and make sure to maintain an open channel of communication with everyone, everything will be over soon. Thus, it is recommended to talk to your family members and keep everybody updated with the daily schedule. Make sure you talk to your neighbors as well, letting them know about what is going on and how much the process is expected to last. Finally, communicate at all times with the selected contractor and make sure the timeline is respected as agreed.