Have you decided to buy your very first eBike? This is an excellent idea!
The electric bicycle industry is gaining more popularity every day because of its endless pros. You can travel faster comparing to regular bikes and beat longer distances on it. It’s compact and doesn’t require a lot of maintenance. It keeps you in great shape and improves your health. From an economic point of view, it cuts your gas expenses and does not demand you to pay for the parking space. Last but not least, it’s totally eco-friendly!

Really Good eBikes require some good research. It is essential to fit it to your personal needs and health condition. Below you can find a few tips that can facilitate the decision-making process.

Prepare your budget

The key factor before buying the eBike is to prepare the amount of money you are able to spend for it. You should know that electric bikes aren’t a cheap sport. Entry-level models start from 800 euro. Consider that the basic electric bike may not meet your expectations. They are usually much heavier and their batteries expire faster. Moreover, the price of the bike can define the quality of the brand. Questionable manufacturer and its poor service can highly disappoint you.

Find your type

There are many types of eBikes. Before choosing yours, ask yourself in what cases you want to use it. Types of e-bikes provide different functions. There are for example true mountain e-bikes that are meant to be on trails, running downhills. If you are a regular road cyclist, don’t go for that one. You can choose from many types like cruisers, commuting types, cargo bikes, fat bikes and so on. Depends on what your goal is.

Battery efficiency

This factor plays a really important role while the decision-making process, especially if you want to ride long distances. You have got to pay attention to the level of efficiency and the power boost. Obviously more efficient batteries are more expensive. Majority of all batteries require from 3 to 5 hours to get fully charged, it is, of course, proportional to the capacity of the battery.

Consider the range

The range on an eBike is basically how far it can go on one charge under its ideal conditions. But what’re the ideal conditions like? It depends on many factors, for example on how many hills you ride up, also it depends on the battery capacity, your weight, the average speed you are riding, the level of assistance you choose and your pedaling power. If you want to maximize your range power, you need to make sure your eBike is set up as well as possible. Probably the most important range-wise factor is tire pressure. Always make sure you pumped up your tires on the pressure marked on the side of your tire. If you have the electric bike with a chain, lube it up regularly. The last thing you can do is to keep the speed.

Choose the design you like

Well, it may not be the most important among all the things but if you spend so much money on good quality equipment, make sure it looks good. What I mean is that you should trust your intuition while making a final choice. Pick the design that matches your taste, then play with the details, colours. Personalize it a little. This eBike will be riding you for a long time, make it’s 100% you.

Make a test ride

That’s probably the most important thing before purchase. The testing ride lets you get rid of all your doubts and verify all the friend’s tips, opinions, and negative reviews. It’s the best way to check if the eBike you choose is good for you and riding it makes you feel comfy. Ask yourself if the bike meets your expectations, if it functional, if you have the control over the drive, also if the position of the motor fits you. As soon as you get to the eBike that fits you, you will feel it totally.

The bottom line

eBike is the future of commuting and a great way to stop climate change. It allows you to experience great bike routes and improve the quality of your free time. Remember, while choosing your first electric bicycle, you need to take into account your physical abilities. Do not overestimate your strength, pick the one you feel totally comfortable with and enjoy sitting on. I hope you will find these tips helpful and hit the road with your eBike very soon.