When it comes to showing support to your staff, sometimes all you need to do is reward them, and this particular practice has been proved to be important. The act of rewarding staff is one of the easiest and most well-known tactics to not only improve morale but to also aid in them working harder to reach your personal annual goal. And due to a shift in the economy, it is absolutely important to have everyone on the same page.

Most times, hiring AV equipment and production personnel is left on the list for last. And with a tight budget, it becomes quite daunting actually to get this particular task done in an effective manner. In most cases, only when there is an important event then we tend to remember the visual aspect of things. And in the heat of the moment, you need to remember that this one aspect will create a lasting impression on your guests; be sure to leave some extra cash for this particular aspect.

So, if you make it your personal goal to apply the following steps when you produce your award ceremony, you’ll be off to a bang!

Be Sure That You Know Your Production Budget

In the grand scheme of things, you’ll need to be realistic. If your AV budget is on the smaller side, it’s best to find all you can get for your hard-earned cash. And you can even put those negotiation skills to work as you try to secure the best deal from your suppliers. However, it’s best to not get carried away if you’re working with a ridiculously small budget; keep in mind that just like you, your suppliers are going to need to meet certain targets when it comes to each job.

Be sure to shed some light on your budget when you schedule your meeting with them. This goes on to give them an idea what they are working with and it also allows them to craft the best deal for you. If for some reason you hide this from them, they may think twice about you and you could very well end up losing the top supplier. And if you’re new to production, it wouldn’t hurt to do some extra research and learn about the suppliers within the industry.

Stage Design

If you’ve already envisioned your event for months gone, you may have a very clear idea of exactly what you want. So, be sure to include these details in your brief. These details can include props, wide-screens, specialized LED display effects and even lecterns. These critical details will guide your supplier and give them the perfect details on how to better serve you with your desired budget.

Additionally, you can even ask for suggestions if you haven’t already come up with an idea. And they will be able to create something that is not only unique but specialized to your particular brand, space and of course budget. It’s best that you make perfect use of their expert knowledge since this will take into consideration all the aspects of your event. When it comes to planning an event it’s always best to remember that branding is the key and you’ll need to consider this for your stage design and possibly include your logo or other elements that stand out.

Graphic Design And Award Presentation

The highlight of your event is going to be the way in which your winners and finalists are presented. So, don’t lose this particular notion as you get them all ready for full exposure. This tactic will also go on to create more entries for your award scheme. With keeping the creative juices flowing, you can even take small clips of your finalists before this grand event.

This will go on to be an addition to a series of amazing snippets which can be included within your main content as you gracefully overlay graphic designs. Everything will mesh together in a creative, informative and exciting way. And when you make use of your branded inspiration, your graphic designers can readily create and bring designs to life. When the winner is finally announced, your screens will come to life with designs and a live feed.

Additionally, you’ll also want to give some credit to your sponsors as well as your main supporters. So, be sure to use these big screens and visual impact productions to your full advantage as you put their logos on display during dinner or simply when the event location is quiet.

Atmosphere Is Created With Music And Lighting

For decades now, music and lighting has been used to craft some of the richest and most ambient effects in event spaces. Excellent lighting focus and use has also been known to readily transform any space making everyone feel like part of the event. And uplighters, as well as even moving lights, will create a series of patterns on your ceilings and walls alike to enhance all of your guests’ sensations further.

And even though you’re working with a budget; lights aren’t typically expensive. So, you’ll be able to create a lasting effect with the addition of subtle background music. However, when it comes to choosing music for your entire event, you’ll want to have a selection that creates excitement for stage walk-ons.

Your sound engineer will be the one responsible for this and will have a pretty decent collection of music to use for upbeats, encouraging applause, walk-ons, and hosting of course. And if you have your own personal music interest to get things rolling, be sure to share this with your production team. Additionally, you can also allow your lighting tech to have full control of all the lights and he will be able to pre-programme and tie movements in along with colours.

Event Video

Instead of spending endless months organising the perfect business event, you’ll want to take clips at every step of the way. And it will be the fastest way to share this with others. So, there’s absolutely no reason to not go all out as you highlight all the smaller parts of your ceremony.

You’ll also want to look into the use of roaming cameras. These can be a great asset since they can capture special interviews with not only your winners but also sponsors and guests alike. This will be the perfect opportunity to create and share highlighted clips from your event.

In Conclusion

Although we’ve given you some of the most important tips for planning an event, there’s still a lot more to do. And you’ll also want to consider how your impact affects guests so you can not only improve but create something that lasts a lifetime. You should also keep in mind that no matter how great your event is this year, you’ll need to do better next year, so be sure to keep a good relationship with all of your suppliers!