Both vaping and the usage of CBD products have risen in popularity in the past few years. Therefore, as you can probably imagine, so has vaping CBD oil itself. There are some things that you should take into consideration before vaping CBD oil, however. Here are 7 things you should know before vaping CBD.

1. What is CBD and CBD Oil

CBD is a chemical found in hemp, and it has been shown to have a number of benefits including anti anxiety and relaxing effects. CBD is available in a whole range of products. However, we will be focussing on CBD vape juice and vape oil. These are typically made using food grade ingredients. Please note that there is also CBD oil that is meant to be taken only orally and is not safe to vape. To be safe you should always read labels and safety precautions thoroughly.

2. What Are Some Potential Side Effects of Vaping CBD

Although research on the effects of vaping CBD is still ongoing, there are some things that we have discovered can happen as a result of vaping CBD. Some common side effects of CBD use in general include drowsiness, experiencing a mild state of euphoria, and red eyes. In addition to this, there is always the potential of lung damage when smoking any substance. Therefore, you should be aware of these potential problems when choosing to vape CBD as well.

3. Does Vaping CBD Get You High?

Although CBD can give some users a mild euphoria, CBD does not cause any major psychoactive effects. Therefore, it does not get you high like THC would. THC is the main chemical component in marjuana, which does get users high. As a result, those wishing to stop taking CBD do not need to go through drug rehab in order to do this.

4. Can You Overdose on CBD?

No, you cannot overdose on CBD, and CBD has never caused any fatalities. However, if you may take more than the recommended amount you are much more likely to experience side effects. Similarly, if you do decide to stop taking CBD there may be a very mild drug detox. However, this drug detox will not likely require any medical or addiction professional attention.

5. Is Vaping CBD Legal in the US?

The use of CBD has been decriminalized federally by the United States. As a result, most states view using CBD as completely legal. However, some states do still have restrictions on CBD, so you should always look into your state’s laws before purchasing any kind of CBD product.

6. How Much CBD Should I Take?

It is recommended to start using CBD at 1-2 mg doses. If you are not experiencing the desired effect then it is completely safe to up the dosage gradually by 5 mg each time.

7. What Should You Look For in a CBD Brand?

Unfortunately, CBD products are still widely unregulated. As a result, you should do your research on what CBD product companies provide your desired quality. This will ensure that you are actually getting the CBD product that is advertised. Products from a reputable company are also safer to use in the long run.


CBD vape products have grown in popularity over the past few years. Although these products do not get users high and cannot cause an overdose, there are still some things that you should consider before starting to vape CBD. These considerations include CBD’s potential side effects, your state’s or country’s laws involving CBD, and what you would want to see in a CBD product.