Being involved in a car accident can be disturbing. It’s one of those traumatic situations when you do not really know what to do. However, looking for any injuries is the very first thing you should do, followed by inspecting your vehicle for any damage. It is essential to soothe yourself first to come out of that mess in a short time. Acting appropriately not only helps you solidify your injury claim but also get your car repaired or replaced.

In this blog post, our experienced Chicago car accident lawyer offers an insight into the 5 most essential things you should keep in mind when involved in a car accident.

Get The Medical Treatment First!

No matter what is the severity of the accident, seeking medical assistance is the first thing you should do. Although you do not feel anything, you have to pay close attention to symptoms. If you get medical aid on the accident site, get yourself checked quickly. This will prevent you from future medical disorders and also secure documented evidence.

Remember, not all the injuries are recognizable after a car accident. Some of them get hidden under the adrenaline rush that occurs after the accident. Such damages only reflect later after the whole situation is calmed down. Worse than this, some injuries do not even show any symptoms for days (for example, whiplash). Therefore, it is very crucial to keep a keen eye on any of the symptoms you experience after the accident.

It goes without saying that documentation is the most critical part while claiming a personal injury. If you are making an appointment with the doctors, keep the records of every meeting. Many think that they would remember the things that have been discussed in such arrangements; however, it’s not that easy in real life. When you have everything documented, it’s easy for you and your car accident attorney to go back and review your medical history.

Don’t Leave The Accident Sight

Be at the sight till the complete report is documented. This step must be followed in every case unless you require immediate medical treatment. Mostly, when there is a medical emergency, you have to leave the accident scene and an ambulance is there for the rescue. Otherwise, it would be best if you are on the accident site to make sure everything is documented correctly that will help you submit your claim.

When you are present at sight, you must get the other drivers details and his/her insurance information. If there are any witnesses, take their information as well. This will help your lawyers in future. Call 911 so that the police can inspect the situation. Ask the respective office to provide a copy of the report. Any car accident lawyer would recommend not to leave the accident scene unless you have cleared all the things with the police officer.

Gather Whatever Information You Can

Evidence in the form of pictures and videos make a lot of sense. Click photos of your damaged vehicle and the overall accident scene. Such information plays a significant role in filing for a claim in future.
You can consider clicking the below-mentioned things in your cell phone, camera or other devices:

  • You personal injuries
  • The street where the accident took place
  • The damaged parts of your car
  • The position of your vehicle after the accident

In short, try covering all the vital information through photos and videos. No matter if it is an intersection, single-lane road or a turn, make sure your photos give a maximum idea of the sight. Also, try to get clear images of all the mentioned things as it will help the judge or jury to come to give the final verdict.

Give A Call To Insurance Company

You must get in touch with the other driver’s insurance company if you want to get compensated for your bodily injuries and the vehicle damage. If you have the experienced car accident lawyer by your side, it will be much easier for you to proceed with the claim. In such cases, you may have to call your insurance company to let them know that they have to contact your attorney if they want to reach you.

You have to understand that insurance companies will always try to settle the case if they find that their client has caused the damage. Settlements are sometimes in your favor and sometimes not. We recommend having a word with the reputed accident lawyer before you decide to go with the settlement with the insurance company. Once you sign the contract for a settlement with the insurance company, you cannot go back and file any claims. Even if some injuries show up after agreeing to the settlement, nothing can be done once signing the deal.

Don’t Forget To Call An Accident Lawyer

No one wants to be involved in a car accident. However, such things are not in our hands. If you come across this unfortunate incident, call a reputable lawyer as soon as possible. The earlier you get that lawyer, the more the chance to gather the evidence.

Securing an attorney ASAP differentiates between winning and losing the case. Make sure your attorney is well-aware of the Illinois personal injury law. Such lawyers have the required connections and proper resources that are necessary to prove your case. You have to understand that you need someone in such cases who can help you with the legal advice.

Undoubtedly, car accidents are something we all do not want to think about. However, many of us have to deal with such incidents and their consequences. Irrespective of injuries you have sustained or the level of damage has occurred to your vehicle, feel free to get in touch with the best personal injury lawyer in your area. When you secure a reliable law firm, you make sure that you have proper legal assistance to fight for your rights.