Cars are second homes for most people who own cars. The more they are in use, the more they are bound to get dirty. It is no easy feat to always have a neat car, especially from the inside. You don’t want any unpleasant odours or elements inside your car as you commute to work every day. Many times due to a rush, you may delay cleaning the car from inside forgetting that is where you will be spending most of your time while driving. We bring you some cleaning devices to help keep your car looking and smelling pleasant always from the inside out.

Car Bin

Keeping a dustbin in your car will prevent you and your friends from stashing wrappers and other trash in the door pocket or the backseat of your car. It is easier and quicker to empty out the dustbin once in a while than keep the trash from collecting overtime while your car looks like a mess from inside. There are closed bins designed specifically for cars that you can order off Amazon. It will save a lot of time and effort in the long run.


These make for great wipes for the glasses and windows. It removes any water spots which form after washing your car. Newspapers can also be used to keep your foot mat clean when you get in the car with dirty shoes from the rain. You can stuff newspapers in vents when your car has been smelling strange, it will absorb all that odour in a jiffy. They can be used as temporary covers for when you want to stop and eat in the car itself. You will save your seats and gear from ketchup droppings.


A microfiber cloth is essential in your car. It cleans fast, is washable and can be used when you have to open the engine and touch a heated part. Microfiber is great for cleaning the front glass as it does not scratch the windshield.

A Vacuum Cleaner

Car vacuum cleaners are available in sizes that can easily fit in the trunk. These are very functional and must-have devices for dust-free seats. It is useful for removing fur, small pieces of chips that may have fallen and got stuck inside the crevices. Just dusting off the seats is not enough as car seats accumulate a lot of dirt over time. For thorough cleaning, a good car vacuum cleaner is a must. Visit our website to check out car upholstery cleaning machines for a better idea.

Car Sprays

There are times when you have wanted to get rid of the smoke smell from your car and have had to use your expensive perfume. Car sprays and deodorants especially for cars are better to keep the car smelling fresh and cover any unwanted smells. You can also keep some potpourri in the car to keep the car smelling heavenly and homelike.

Mat Brush

Clean mats are a welcome sign when you get inside any car. It shows the car has been cleaned before you stepped in. Keep a mat brush to dust off your mats at the end of the day so that you find clean mats the next day. These are a must for even brushing off dog hair or clearing off food mess from the seats quickly.


A clean car reflects the love you have for your mode of transport. For some, their cars are their first love so they need to be treated like one too!