The Komodo islands are some of the top-ranking global destinations for travelers. Many people visit the lands for vacations, weekend visits, and annual festive celebrations.

Knowing what to expect and activities you can try for the next visit is the first step to having a remarkable trip to the islands.

When you visit the Komodo islands, try the following things:

  • Eat new food
  • Learn Indonesian languages
  • Hike the Padar
  • Ride a boat
  • Dive in the waters

What is more? Find out below.

1. Try New Food

Some of the Komodo islands’ most typical foods are grilled squid, tuna steaks, and whole fish. You can enjoy the meals in various places such as hostels, restaurants, accommodation halls, hotels, and tour guide boats.

For example, you can enjoy a tuna steaks delicacy at Mediterraneano and grilled squid at the Labuan Bajo Hotel.

If you are foreign to Indonesia, you may have difficulty eating the food because of the unique serving and culture. You could eat fish for the first time and have a hectic time holding or pinching it.

If you fail to consume the local food and drinks, what better experience or memory will you take back home?

2. Learn the Local Language

Learning a new language is one of the scientifically and psychologically proven ways to boost your creativity. It opens your mind to accepting challenges and new opportunities.

The best part is that visiting the Komodo islands presents you with an opportunity to grasp new words.

You can start with the national language, Bahasa Indonesia. If you stay longer on the islands, you will meet locals speaking Javanese.

Javanese is a local Indonesian language having about 30% of inhabitants speaking it. I bet you can’t end your stay at the Komodo islands without knowing how to say, “I love Komodo” in the most spoken local language called Komodo.

Another exciting thing about the Indonesians is that they will teach you to speak and write many acronyms. For example, you will get used to acronyms such as IMO for “in my opinion,” TBH for “to be honest,” and SMH for “shaking my head”.

3. Hiking

The peak of traveling the Komodo is getting to the panorama of the Komodo islands. You can hike to the Padar islands.

You will meet an incredible view of the three most admired islands of Komodo islands. They are East Nusa Tenggara, Flores, and the Labuan Bajo beaches.

Hiking to Padar Island’s peak is fun for the youth and an excellent exercise for the elderly. You hike on the long stairs.

It is advisable to carry with you drinking water because you may need to drink a lot of water as you sweat your way up the island.

Also, carry a camera with comprehensive coverage because the view to cover is vast. It will help to wear ground-gripping shoes because the return journey may be slippery.

At the Padar island’s peak, you will meet a breathtaking, spectacular curvy view of the Komodo islands. And you will have a sweet experience to take back home.

4. Diving

Komodo diving is an experience you can’t leave Indonesia without having. The islands allow you to undertake shark diving, scuba diving, and snorkeling.

5. Boating

Most tourists visit the Komodo islands to enjoy a world-class boating experience. They can’t wait to eat the finger-licking delicacies on the boat.

You, too, will get special treatment from the helpful, friendly boat crews. They will show you the curious mantas and turtles and the beautiful Kanawa beaches.


Visiting the Komodo is remarkable if you experiment with five things. It would help if you strived to speak the local language, eat local dishes, hike, dive, and boat on the Komodo islands.

Doing the above things propels your creativity, gets you inspired, and drives a feel-good emotion in you. Most importantly, you have a story to take home.