The most stressful time of one’s career is when he gets fired from a company; people often go in deep depression or cause a bigger mess when they are leaving. To prevent such a scenario or worse, we have a few tips regarding the things you should do when you get fired from your job; we hope that this will guide you on how to professionally handle this set back of your career.

Swallow Your Pride

When you get fired or hear the news, your first instinct is to respond back and clear to everyone who would listen that you were fair and it is not your fault. But you must not do that because once the administration has taken a decision, you can’t alter it, anyway.

So the best way to leave is to swallow your pride and go silently. In fact, the more silent you are the more positivism you will exhibit. You need to let them think they are on top and should fight the urge to be bitter to everyone. The more retaliation you will show, the more worse your situation will get.

Show Humility

If you are fired from your well served position where you invested good time and effort, then instead of bitching about the company or the administration, you should stay humble because humility is a virtue of righteous people. When you will follow this tip, you will easily win the hearts of many of your colleagues and they would know by themselves that you are a victim. Not only that but you will also earn the respect in their eyes and they will be forced to acknowledge all the things that you have done, shared and invested in the best interest of the company.

To give a last blow, you should leave with the display of gratitude for all the chances you got, to learn from your seniors or the company at whole.

Take Time For Closure

When your company administration or senior executive fires you, yes, you should eat your pride and stay humble but don’t let them shove you further down by taking away your right to your monetary advantages of unemployment or by not letting you seal off all your cases, deals and clients properly. It is your right to completely finish and hand over your deals and clients to your successor. It would be even better that the clients you were dealing and shared a trusting bond with, should be passed on to your successor in your presence. So you could enhance their trust in the new person and could also make your successor understand their case or file in a better way, to sign off properly.

If your administration shows a sign of retaliation then make them understand how this is even better for the company interest because the company won’t lose out on their old clients just because you are fired. Same goes for all the monetary benefits that the company owes you; you must not let them waive them off under any reason or tag. Stay humble and go silently but not on the expense of your loss other than a well-served job.

Trust Your Gut On The Exit Interview

Many of us don’t know of the exit interview which is why we can’t take advantage of it. It is generally an interview conducted by your HR when you are leaving the company under any circumstances, to know about your views on the company policies, heads, directors, and clients along with good and bad points of the company. In short, it is a survey that they take from you about the general things, so they can improve and enhance company’s overall image.

To take advantage of this interview, you need to trust your gut completely. As sometimes spilling everything out in this exit interview can earn you bad image of a negative person which can be worse on your record, but sometimes this actually works well and administration takes firm steps if it finds any unfair policy or person.

Collect Solid Facts

If you have decided to be open in your exit interview, then you must collect solid evidences of the wrongs that were being done to you. For instance, you can store the corresponding emails or take snapshots of any foul language or attitude that has been used against you. If it’s about wrong deadlines then you should have a proper timesheet through the emails about when the task was assigned to you and when was handed over and delivered. It’s even better if you had a witness like when you sent the carbon copy (CC) of your email to another colleague too as he can back you up too.

Go Professionally

When you are leaving, make sure you stay composed and don’t lash your anger on anyone or anything. You must sort your work station and pack your personal belongings separately to be taken away. The things that are to be handed over back to admin should be properly assembled, too. It would be even better if you make a list of the things you were given by the company and now you are returning them back.