Expecting a new bundle(s) of joy? Congratulations. Having a baby is an exciting thing for the entire family and it requires numerous preparations before the baby’s arrival. Among the long list of items to buy, preparation for the nursery and choice of the hospital for delivery, there is also the need to plan for a pre-baby getaway.

This is the only opportunity you have to rest, relax and enjoy a vacation alone or with your partner before the arrival of your baby. Carrying a pregnancy is work, caring for a newborn is even more work. Thus, it’s important to consider going for a babymoon to relax and re-energize. You need all the energy you can get to go through childbirth plus nurture your bundle of joy.

What exactly is a babymoon?

For those who may have not had a chance to understand what exactly a babymoon entails, a babymoon is just a vacation like any other just that this one is taken by expectant mothers and their partners only. The first and the only requirement for a babymoon is that you must be pregnant.

Even at that, babymoon doesn’t involve the baby only. The vacation should also benefit the parents-to-be particularly the mother who has been carrying the pregnancy all this while. This is the best time for the mother to relax and focus on her wellbeing. If you’re in a relationship, focus on strengthening the bond between you and your partner before the baby joins you. A good babymoon should benefit soon-to-be parents as well as the unborn child. How you ask? When the mother’s stress levels reduce, the baby experiences significant growth.

What should I consider when planning for my babymoon?

When it comes to a babymoon, there are several factors to put into consideration. Unlike the other times of vacations which you can plan overnight, with a babymoon, you have to be extra careful. Remember you are dealing with an expectant mother and unborn child. These two beings are super fragile. One wrong move and you won’t accomplish your mission.

Therefore, to ensure you enjoy your babymoon without compromising the health of both the mother and the unborn child, here are the things you must consider.

Choice of destination

Not all destinations are suitable for a babymoon. You have to be careful when choosing your destination. First, the destination should not be too far from home. Travelling for long hours may strain your body now that you’re carrying a baby(s) in your womb. Also, there should be the availability of quality healthcare services even if you don’t intend to use the services. Knowing you can get the services at any given time will give you the peace you need to enjoy the vacation.

Travel insurance

This is not the time to travel without the appropriate travel insurance. While you could have risked the same when you were single, now you have a life dependant on you, you must be extra cautious with the decisions you make.

Although the policy may not cater for routine treatment and normal birth, a good policy should cover for any complications associated with pregnancy and childbirth should you face them while away enjoying your babymoon.

When looking for a travel insurance cover, ensure you state that you are pregnant. Expectant women are considered relatively high risk, especially in the third trimester. You don’t want to deal with an insurance company that’s not up to the task.

Your doctor’s opinion

What does your doctor have to say about your forthcoming trip? Does he have concerns regarding your health and that of your unborn angel? Don’t leave for your babymoon before you consult your doctor or midwife. You must get checked before heading out. It is only after your doctor’s approval should you continue with your travel plans.

Travelling time

There are various things to consider when deciding on the best period to travel for your babymoon. Even though you are pregnant during the first trimester and thus qualified to go on a babymoon, it would be better to wait until the second trimester. Morning sickness is at its peak during the first trimester and if you are like some women, you will be feeling so sick to enjoy the trip.

The worst time to schedule your babymoon is during the last weeks of your pregnancy. During this time, the tiredness you were experiencing during the first trimester has set in again and this time around with a bang. You won’t have enough energy to enjoy your babymoon. In fact, you’ll be too tired to do anything. Considering labour can set in as early as 36 weeks, it’s better to avoid travelling in the third trimester.

The second trimester is typically the best time to plan your babymoon. During this time, most of the unpleasant side effects you were experiencing in the first trimester have reduced. You now have the energy to do all the planning, travel to your destination and enjoy your trip without worrying about going into labour.

Adventures to engage in

You can’t say you’ll be hiking and camping in the mountain for your babymoon. Neither can you say you find it fun to hit up Mardi Gras when you are six months pregnant. Bar hopping should not be on your to-do list either now that you aren’t drinking. Some adventures should better be left for after the baby’s arrival. For now, stick to activities that are fun but safe for the pregnancy and avoid party spots at all costs. In general, avoid destinations with tiring outdoor adventures and instead, choose a relaxing destination. A place with low-key atmospheres with a few pampering opportunities is the best.

Means of transport

Means of transport is another vital thing you should consider when planning for your babymoon. If you are travelling by air, please note that some airlines won’t allow you in the last weeks of your pregnancy. So, schedule your trip when you are still eligible to fly without so many hindrances. On the same note, consider choosing a destination with a short flight time and make sure you book a nonstop flight. Pregnancy can be very exhausting. The less time you spend on the flight the better for you and the unborn baby.

If you are road tripping, choose a nearby destination. Start your trip early so that you can have enough time to take regular breaks and reach your destination on time. Carry enough snacks to satisfy your hunger pangs and enough water to keep you hydrated throughout the journey.

Plan an exciting pre-baby getaway

Planning a perfect babymoon can be work but don’t let the hustle prevent you from enjoying the fun that comes with a babymoon. If well-planned and scheduled at the right time, your babymoon can be one of the most memorable vacations you’ve ever had.