While life, in general, is complicated, choosing a great watch isn’t as long as you have the right information. The luxury Scandinavian fashion watches appeared some time ago as a result of the creative work of the lovely minimalist watch brand Nordgreen. Since then, Nordgreen watches have all been about elegance and luxury but of course at a pocket-friendly price.

Copenhagen-based Danish watch brand focuses on beautiful, strong and elegant watches fit enough to be worn almost everywhere. These are watches you can rock when going to a fancy dinner party, a sporting event, the office, a gala or any kind of event and stand out among the crowd. Although the watch industry is highly competitive, the Nordgreen brand still stands out strong. The chief designer, Jakob Wagner, is a focused individual with extraordinary ability to bring out perfection on every piece without forgetting the three core values, that is, minimalism, simplicity and functionalism.

When it comes to women’s watches, Nordgreen offers some of the best options. All their best-selling women’s designer watches are focused to design. They are specially designed to suit your outfit. With interchangeable straps, you don’t have to go off balance because your watch isn’t matching with your look of the day. The customizable design allows you to match your mood, look and personality change anytime you need to. Thus, giving you the freedom to personal expression and taking full charge of your everyday look.

In particular, the Native series designed by Jakob Wagner look amazing with classic white & silver watch purposed to be the ultimate accessory to everyone who wants to uphold their looks. They also come with interchangeable straps, to fit your daily look and personal style. The sizes are as follows:

Size 32 mm 36 mm 40 mm
Watch diameter 32 mm 36 mm 40 mm
Strap width 16 mm 18 mm 20 mm
Case thickness 6.8 mm 7.5 mm 8.35 mm

nordgreen native watch

You are at liberty to select the size that suits you. However, for women, it is recommended to go for the Native in 32 mm and 36 mm. Men can choose the 40 mm for that sophisticated, simple but elegant look.

This minimalist watch comes in four different colours which include gold, rose gold, silver and gun metal. The straps, on the other hand, come with several colour options just to ensure you get enough colours to match your wardrobe. Some of those colours include gold mesh, pink leather, black nylon, brown leather, grey leather, gun metal black mesh and gold black mesh just to name a few.

This Danish design watch is a result of great inspiration that comes from balance, happiness and contentment in life. After all, balance is key if you want to enjoy a happier life. The designer’s goal is to give you a stylish watch that will make you stand out effortless. The watch’s classic intentions are clearly defined in its almost invisible minute marks, clean dial and rounded lugs. It’s a unique watch suitable for people with a sense of fine things in life be it men, women, boys or girls. It’s the perfect timepiece you can ever reward yourself with. Besides, it has interchangeable straps just to ensure it fits on any event you take it along with you. The straps are special, they are soft and comfortable on your wrist. You don’t have to worry about any form of discomfort like it’s the case with some other brands.

In general, the Nordgreen Native is a watch you can wear everywhere. You will look fabulous in it whether in a business meeting and you need to bring out that serious look or at a wedding party where everyone is looking fabulous. Regardless of where you are going or whatever you are dressed in, you can still rock with this timeless timepiece. It’s indeed an amazing minimalist watch you feel proud of owning. It has been designed with function and elegance in mind.

The story behind this watch brand

The founders of Nordgreen brand are watch lovers who believe in only high-quality and best design watches. With the help of their most awarded designer, Jakob Wagner, they only produce products with unique features and finest standards. They take quality time to come up with functional and compatible collection suitable to different lifestyles.

There is nothing like settling for less at Nordgreen. They believe in doing things in the Danish way. Meaning, pride and purpose in every piece. No wonder their brand is considered to be timeless. The materials used in making the watches are the finest and are individually inspected to ensure their customers get refined and elegant watches.

Giving back to the community

It doesn’t start and end with watches at Nordgreen, there is more and that is why Nordgreen usually emphasizes on ethical fashion. We all need our planet to be in good shape for our survival and generations to come. That’s why Nordgreen has taken the initiative to help others and to save the planet at the same time.

Interesting enough, even their customers can take part in their ‘’Giving Back’’ program. Wondering how this is possible? Well, every time you purchase a watch, a portion of it goes to donation. You are also given the freedom to choose the one of the three NGO partnership you wish to give your donation to. Plus, you can choose which way you wish to offer your help. You just need to reward yourself or gift someone special with a classic watch from Nordgreen and participate in helping the less fortunate in the community access clean water, clean environment or quality education. At Nordgreen, social responsibility and value or generosity is very key. So, every time you check the time on your classic watch, remember you put a smile on a needy person through your purchase of Nordgreen products.

nordgreen classic watch