Even if you haven’t played the game yet, you have heard about it. Bingo is the game. Bingo is a game that both young and old like to play. That’s because it can offer a variety of benefits to its players whether played at home with loved ones or with a group of friends at a social place.

Why choose to play bingo?

Old or young, male or female choose to play bingo for various reasons. While the old may see it as a good way to pass time, the young may find it entertaining. Apart from that, here are other reasons why people play bingo.


The simplicity involved in this game is what has continued to make it popular. Bingo is one kind of a game you can always choose to play when you want your mind to relax. It does not necessarily require major mental effort. After deciding on the game to play and the number of tickets to buy, you can go ahead and have fun.

Time saver

Who doesn’t want to save time? With all the busy schedules that people have to deal with, spending too much time having fun may not seem ideal to many people. Bingo comes in handy because even when playing it, you can still have enough time to chat with other payers or play a side game. In other words, the game doesn’t limit you to do other things that you find interesting.

Cash prizes

If you are already used to bingo, you will agree that bingo has cash prizes to play for and this is something that has attracted many people to this game. Even when you don’t win a jackpot, you still get something to encourage you such as free playing credits and lots of free games to play. It’s rare to win a big prize but the small wins help you to play your game without adding new money to the account. To get such benefits, it’s important to register on a legit site with good reviews online.

Social benefits associated with bingo

The truth is, bingo’s popularity is taking the world by storm. More and more people are flocking to the internet to play this game. The good news is that, as a bingo player, you have a lot to benefit from it. If you are considering to play this amazing game, here are the social benefits you and other players stand to gain.

Creates a platform to socialize

Humans are social beings and as much as you like to spend time alone, there are those times you will want to interact with other human beings. The good news is that you can do so while enjoying your favourite game. A game of bingo gives you the chance to start a conversation with a total stranger. Something that would have otherwise been difficult to do if you had met the person at a different place.

Opportunity to catch-up

Bingo is a game that has been played and enjoyed in several forms at social gatherings around the world. That’s because it assists in bringing friends and loved ones together to do something interesting to all of them. Since the game doesn’t require total concentration, you can all play the game as you chit-chat with a friend about a thing or two.

Gives the player a sense of belonging

As social beings, being part of a group of people can make someone feel important and acceptable. Therefore, when you play bingo and interact with several people, you get the confidence you need to lead a stress-free life. There is nothing sweeter than knowing that you are loved and your presence is important to the people around you. Even when you are playing bingo online, these sites provide awesome interaction platforms enough to make you feel that you are still part of a friendly community.

Examples of bingo games to play

If you don’t want to be left behind as other people reap the social benefits associated with bingo, here are a few bingo games to play. They will entertain you and uplift your confidence.

90 ball bingo

90-ball bingo is actually the most famous version of bingo. If you choose to play this version, then you will have to buy numbered bingo tickets. To play it, you have to wait for the caller to call out numbers randomly. If a number on your ticket is called out, then you are supposed to cover it. The winners of this version of bingo are announced depending on the number of lines they were lucky to cover. The 1st place winner should cover any 1 line pattern, the 2nd winner should cover any 2 lines and the full house winner should cover all the 3 lines on the ticket.

75 ball bingo

This type of bingo game is a variation of the 90-ball bingo and it’s majorly played in North America. Just like the 90-ball bingo, you are supposed to purchase numbered cards to play this game. A caller then calls out some numbers and if they appear on your ticket, you cover them. The player who completes a pre-determined pattern on their card with covered numbers is declared as the winner.

Flash fives bingo

Flash fives bingo is a newer version of bingo and it’s a bit different from the 90-ball and 75-ball bingo. With flash fives, you will have to purchase playing cards to play the game. Each ticket includes 5 playing cards out of the standard 52-card deck. When the caller calls out a playing card and it happens to appear on your tickets, you cover it with a chip. You will be declared the winner if you are lucky to be the first to cover all the 5 playing cards.

Bingo all the way

From what you have read, Bingo is indeed an exciting game to play. Besides, there are a lot of social benefits associated with the game that you do not want to miss. Don’t lead a lonely life when you have the chance to interact with amazing bingo players from all over the world. It’s time you played bingo regularly and experience a sense of self-worth among other important benefits.