The lab diamond is on a steady rise. It has made a shining statement by being on the hands of some famous celebrities to make their mark.

Whether you’re looking for luxury diamonds Vancouver, or anywhere in any state, you may find options for both mind and lab diamonds.

They are practical

If you need a ring for your marriage, you don’t need to go to a specialty jewelry store or high-end boutiques to get one.

Chances are, most stores have a lab diamond on their storage and can add a few to your jewelry.

This is mainly because millennials are shaping the world with their practicality.

Because of the economic situation and other factors, more and more buyers are opting for a better alternative to classic fashion.

Although it is for certain that the demand for mined diamonds will still be around, more and more people will look for alternatives as time passes on.

They are economical

Economical in both the buyer and the producer’s perspective.

The buyer, as we discussed in the previous point, will opt for a cheaper alternative today. Because of the economic situation nowadays, more and more people are turning to practical means.

This is a good thing because most people now have the option to possess a beautiful gem without having to spend a lot or the money they don’t have.

On the other hand, the producer will not have to invest so much in mining a diamond only for it to sit around for the right buyer.

Diamond dealers can stock up on lab diamonds and put them on jewelry any time they want to manufacture some or as ordered by their clients.

They are environmentally friendly

Among the reasons that it is steadily growing is the environmental issue when mining for diamonds.

Today’s consumers are more conscious about the environmental impact of what they are purchasing or using. This includes many things from the bath soap they use, the food they eat, and even the jewelry they use.

These reasons all play a factor in what a customer will choose between a mined diamond and a lab diamond.

They are customizable

Another advantage of a lab diamond is that you can choose the size, color, and shape of it without adding too much to the overall cost. They are also available anywhere because they are quite easy and relatively faster to produce.
Lab-grown Vancouver diamonds can be made to a specific size, color, and shape. These things will give more meaning to your gem and thus add value to the wearer.


The real cost of anything, really, is counted by the value it brings to the owner. Using a lab diamond is not a taboo subject any more because the main reason for wearing jewelry in the first place is the meaning to the wearer.