Up until relatively recently, most CBD users only had the option of edibles and oils. However, the growth of the industry has led to the development of many innovative products. A prime example is the CBD vape market, which has taken advantage of the popularity of vaping in general.

CBD vapes use an e-liquid that isn’t as viscous as CBD oil. This liquid contains a thinning agent such as PG, VG, or MCT, along with cannabinoids and terpenes. You can purchase vaporizers with refillable tanks, or removable CBD cartridges. There are also disposable CBD pens that you can throw away when the vape juice runs out.

It appeared as if the CBD vape market was amid unstoppable momentum in 2019. Suddenly, however, the so-called vaping epidemic hit the United States. Within months, approximately 60 people had died from a vaping-related illness. Another 2,700 ended up in the hospital, according to the CDC. Interestingly, this particular epidemic didn’t spread to the UK. That said, there were two deaths in January 2020 in Britain linked to vaping lung injury.

In most instances, the individual with the illness used a THC product with vitamin E acetate. As a result, the CBD vape industry didn’t suffer as severe a blow as its THC counterpart. CBD vaping remains popular for a wide variety of reasons but also has its downsides. We explore both in this article.

CBD Vape Pros

Rapid Absorption & High Bioavailability

The process of vaping CBD ensures that the cannabinoid rapidly reaches your bloodstream. It is common for users to claim they feel the effects within seconds. Vaping is ideal if you believe CBD helps with anxiety, and you are prone to attacks.

Vaping also has the highest absorption rate outside of intravenous injection. A study published in Drug Development and Industrial Pharmacy in September 2010, found that vaporizers offered a bioavailability rate of between 34% and 46%. In contrast, the absorption rate of oral administration is 20% at a maximum.

Easier on the Lungs Than Smoking

Those who smoke CBD-rich cannabis or hemp could damage their lungs. While either option is healthier than tobacco smoking, the combustion process could release carcinogenic substances. It also increases the likelihood of lung irritation. With vaping, you heat the e-liquid to a much lower temperature. Vaping also produces fewer carcinogens, unless you use a thinning agent such as PEG.

Also, you get to keep more terpenes, flavonoids, and cannabinoids, than you do when smoking. You may see certain benefits, and also enjoy a better-tasting product.


Vapers are finding out that they are banned in almost every location that smokers are! However, the process itself is extremely convenient. Most vape devices are leak-proof so that you can store them in your pocket or purse. It only takes a few seconds for the liquid to heat, so you can have a few puffs whenever you feel like it. The process of microdosing potentially has a myriad of benefits.

As vaping produces clouds of vapor that rapidly disperse, you can be more discreet. You will also find that vaping doesn’t produce the same awful smell as smoke.

CBD Vape Cons

There Are Still Health Risks

When choosing CBD vapes online, make sure you select a brand that uses a relatively safe thinning agent. In general, VG and MCT oil are considered among the best options. PG is also considered ‘safe’ because it is food grade. A study published in the Journal of Environmental Health in July 2018 provided an insight into the potential harm caused by specific thinning agents.

The researchers found that once certain thinning agents were heated to 446 degrees Fahrenheit, they produced significant levels of formaldehyde, a known carcinogen.

The Effects Only Last a Short Period

While CBD vapes produce a rapid effect, it is one that only lasts for a brief spell. This isn’t an issue if you hope to alleviate anxiety or pain attacks. However, it does mean that you need to take puffs from your vaping device continually.

It is Part of an Unregulated Market

Most of the dangers of vaping relate to how it could impact the lungs and airways. As long as the vape juice contains high-quality CBD, terpenes, and perhaps MCT oil as a thinning agent, most users will suffer minimal ill effects. However, the CBD market as a whole is not regulated. As a result, CBD vapes could contain harmful ingredients such as PEG.

You can protect yourself by choosing a high-quality, reputable brand like Provacan. It is one of the UK’s top-performers, and also has a positive international reputation. It sells a variety of CBD vape options. These include day and night terpene CBD vape pods, a regular CBD vape pen, along with CBD vape oil. Check out the brand’s website to learn more.