Pink Kush, a indica-dominant hybrid, can help alleviate several symptoms, especially the Captain Pink Strain by Kubo. While this isn’t the original kush strain, it is a good choice for people who like a sweet fragrance with hints of vanilla. The best time to use the strain is when it’s flowering, and the pink hairs show off from the green buds. It takes about 10 or 11 weeks before the strain is ready to use, but it is well worth the wait.

This strain is a good choice for people who need to relax and have a mellow experience for many hours. Users enjoy the fact that pink kush doesn’t have much edge after the buzz wears off. While relaxing you, pink kush also relieves several symptoms.

Stress and Anxiety

Because pink kush makes people feel relaxed, it’s a good choice for people suffering from anxiety and stress. It won’t make the stressful situations go away, but it will help you manage them so you stop worrying. The strain also helps them find clarity through their stress, so they can solve problems and engage with anxiety-inducing activities without worry.

People who struggle with social anxiety appreciate the way that Pink Kush makes them more relaxed around other people. The strain reduces anxiety and mental pressure makes them more sociable, and many people find the strain makes them enjoy social activities. People who suffer from PTSD and other stress-related disorders enjoy the relaxing feeling they get from Pink Kush.


Pink kush stops the problems that keep people awake from insomnia. It calms the mind, especially when thoughts are racing, and it blocks the worries that prevent people from falling asleep each night.

The best time to use Pink Kush is in the evening as it makes people feel drowsy as time passes. You might find yourself wanting a snack as the effects wear off and you start to feel sleepy.


If you suffer from migraines and headaches, you might find relief when you consume Pink Kush. The strain reduces tension eases tension to help migraine-sufferers experience relief, especially from the pressure and pain that defines the serious headaches.

Back Pain and Muscle Spasms

The relaxing qualities of Pink Kush can help people find relief from their muscle tension and back pain. It helps them get through their daily tasks and find they sleep better, despite their regular pain. Because stress and anxiety can exacerbate physical pain, the relaxing qualities of Pink Kush pays off for those who have stress-related pain throughout their bodies.


People who struggle to focus find that Pink Kush helps them focus on tedious tasks they need to complete throughout the day. While it’s not a good idea to consume Pink Kush or other indica products before moving heavy machinery or going to work or school, the strain helps people when they need extra focus at home. Many people find the strain helps them release their creativity without worry or censoring themselves.