Gifting is always exciting, especially when choosing a present to give to a loved one. Getting a gift that matches the person’s interests is always better, so getting something for a whiskey lover becomes a little easier. However, there’s still the matter of finding the perfect gifts for whiskey lovers that won’t require emptying your savings.

As a whiskey lover, I have gone through several whiskey-related items to get an idea about how good they are. I have rarely been disappointed, but some gifts stood out to me more than others because they were unique and intriguing.

The Perfect Gifts for a Whiskey Lover

I have tried some aged whiskeys, and some of them have been incredible, but I have purposefully kept them out of the list because some of them can be expensive. So check out the list I have compiled for gifting inspiration for your whiskey loving colleague, friend, or family member.

1. Whiskey Tasting Kit

Whiskey tasting kits are specially designed to amplify the flavour of the whiskey through temperature control, design, etc. These features are a dream come true for a whiskey lover who wants nothing more than to spend some time in the perfect whiskey heaven!

There are several tasting kits available in the market, so you will get an opportunity to choose one that matches your quality and budget requirements.

2. Whiskey Subscription

Regular whiskey supply is another dream for a whiskey lover, and they will be over the moon if you help them make it a reality. That is exactly why whiskey subscriptions are the perfect gifts for a whiskey lover.

The only hassle you will have to undergo is deciding which subscription to opt for. I liked the subscriptions available at The Whiskey Club (, so you can check it out or consider a few other ones available.

3. Personalised Decanter Set

Those fancy crystal decanters are an absolute must for people who love whiskey, and they can never have enough of them. There are several incredible decanter sets available for gifting, so you will always be able to find a unique design to give to your colleague or loved one.

4. Sphere Ice Mould Tray

‘Scotch on the rocks’ is such a popular phrase that even non-drinkers know it. But years of drinking whiskey with ice cubes has bored us whiskey lovers, and we would love a little creativity.

Get a sphere ice mould tray, so the person you are giving the gift to can enjoy the experience of having whiskey with round ice cubes instead of the usual shape. It would be a nice change from routine and one they will appreciate.

5. The Whiskey Dictionary

If there is anything we love more than drinking delicious whiskey, it’s learning more about this beautiful drink. The Whiskey Dictionary will be the perfect gift because it will contain all whiskey related terms with definitions and examples.

You can also look for Whiskey encyclopaedias to give as gifts because they contain information most of us would love to know.

6. Cocktail Smoking and Infusion Kit

One can have whiskey neat, but a little diversity goes a long way where cocktails come into the picture. Whiskey based cocktails like The Godfather, Rusty Nail, and Sazerac are delicious and deserve to look the best!

So give this cocktail smoking and infusion set to your loved one to help them give a smoky, fancy, and luxurious look to their favourite set of flavours.

7. Whiskey Soaps

Bathing in whiskey would likely be frowned upon (and it would be such a waste of a great drink), but there is no rule against whiskey scented soaps. Whiskeys have one of the richest and most sublime scents, and being surrounded by it when washing hands and face would be heavenly.

Your whisky loving colleague or loved one will forever be thankful for this gesture.

8. Whiskey Tumblers

Whiskey tumblers, like decanters, hold a significant position in the whiskey drinking experience. Crystal tumblers are the most preferred option, and there is a wide variety in their designs.

Even if you don’t want to opt for crystal, special glass, or any clear material. Hiding the beautiful hues of the drink will diminish the excitement, so clear tumblers are best.

9. Whiskey-Infused Chocolates

Chocolate and whiskey are amazing and delicious, so what happens when you combine them? Exponentially higher tastefulness, of course! Whiskey infused chocolates carry the exquisite taste of chocolates mixed with the velvety sweet taste of the whiskey they are infused with.

What more could a whiskey lover ask for after that?!

Wrapping Up

I hope you enjoyed reading my list of the perfect gifts for a whiskey lover and already have an idea about which one you will choose to give. I wish you the best of luck and assure you that the person will love it.