An anniversary should be an exciting occasion for a couple. You should take time to enjoy each other’s company and cherish the time the years you have spent together. Trips, staycations, and dinners are often part of the experience, as is gift-giving. Unfortunately, choosing gifts to celebrate the special milestone can be difficult. If you are struggling to find an anniversary present for your wife, why not take some inspiration from the traditional gifts for 1st, 5th, 10th and 25th anniversaries. If you get any one of these gifts for her, you can be sure your wife will be impressed.

1st anniversary

For the first anniversary, give your wife a gift of paper. How about a customized journal in which you write a little note to each other on a daily basis over a year or two. Years later, you can look back on the fond memories of your early years. If you’re a travel-loving couple, why not get your wife a paper map of the world. Use it to mark the destinations you’ve been to and plan new adventures for the future. You can draw, write or use pushpins to chronicle your adventures. This is a wonderful keepsake for a couple with endless wanderlust.

5th anniversary

Five years of wedded bliss are usually marked with wood. If you’re handy with wood and tools, this is an excellent opportunity to hand carve a gift. You can incorporate your anniversary date, your names or initials or any symbols which have special meaning to both of you. Your wife will no doubt love this sentimental gift which she can hang in the home. You can craft virtually anything out of wood and add quotes or meaningful statements. It’s sure to mean a lot.

10th anniversary

Tin and aluminum are the traditional materials for tenth wedding anniversaries. These tell the world your marriage is strong. Many modern couples tend to prefer diamonds so think about which one your wife will cherish most. A diamond necklace or ring with a touching engraving should be well-received. If your wife doesn’t love jewelry, an ornate aluminum vase filled with her favorite flowers should be perfect.

25th anniversary

Twenty-five years of marriage are marked by silver. Your options for gifts include jewelry, commemorative plates or decorations, and other customized keepsakes. As with any anniversary, think about which gifts will mean the most to your wife. Some women prefer practical items over sentimental ones while others are just the opposite. Choose something which will let your wife know you really cherish the past quarter-century.

These gift ideas are traditional but you should definitely put a creative spin on them and show your wife you really know and love her. Whether it’s your first anniversary with the love of your life or the 25th, put lots of thought into the gift you choose for her. She is sure to appreciate your effort as you plan for the rest of your lives together.