[Press Release]

Football has a New Playing Field. OurField, a revolutionary mobile-only app dedicated to football, has been launched globally. Players, fans, clubs and brands all come together for one common goal – football. OurField is set to change the role Social Media plays in football. Currently Social Media platforms have attracted millions of football followers but with no direct tangible return for anyone involved apart from the platform itself.

The app is a Social Media Market Place that provides rewards for everyone involved. OurField allows brands to digitally sponsor players and clubs sharing any revenue directly back with them creating visibility without disruptive advertisements. Fans can talk directly to players and receive exclusive content from players and clubs further strengthening revenues.

It has big name players signed up like Wes Morgan or Dani Alves among the already 100 players of the best worldwide leagues signed up. Morgan, captain of the Premier League‘s current champion, believes that “OurField is the best place for me to connect with my fans.”

With current signings, the platform already has a social media reach of over 150 million potential users making it the fastest growing application dedicated to football, when this reach is converted into users of OurField.

The application is currently available in 8 different languages, soon to be +20. Language is no boundary on the application. Users posting in Chinese can have their posts auto-translated for users in other language speaking countries, such as English, French or Spanish. This experience truly connects all football fans worldwide.

Key features of the application include: feed of posts, built in chat; automated translation, no advertisements; albums; timeline per brand, player, club and fan; brand integration; competition platform; all profiles unique and verified; soon also online shop to name just a few.

Anyone can download and interact with the application. It is available for Android and iOS and can be downloaded for free at www.ourfield.com, Google Play and App Store. In addition, OurField gives its users unconditional data protection promise: The user data belong to the users and they are not exploited in the interest of third parties.