You would never really understand the effort and pressures at hand of those who shift houses or move for personal or work reasons, unless you face such an abysmal time yourself. Whatever the reason is, moving takes a lot of your effort, attention and time and thus it can push you to your limits while you go through the entire minor to major details of moving, starting from wrapping & packing to unpacking and re-decorating in the new place.

To begin the task at hand, one needs motivation as it’s a pressure looming on your head to start packing which is why, one usually ends up postponing it to the last few days and then the pressure of deadlines start to nag you too.

Packing and moving to a new place is not a task that could be done in the snap of the fingers (as it seems when others shift their houses), you need to plan and organize things in a proper way to acknowledge the width, length and even the depth of the task. You have to pack your entire possessions, shift routes, change addresses, redecorate, and more.

The wisest thing is to not postpone your packing till the very last moment. One only needs to ascertain that he is moving or not. Once that is decided for sure, you must not turn away from the daunting task of packing. There are many ‘to do list guidelines’ available on the internet for your convenience and better help. We would also suggest you a 6-week moving out timeline from the perspective of a mover. This, we hope will help you in sorting things and ordering them into an organized packing process. It guides you about the entire process, following a timeline of 6 weeks from the moving day. It may tend to diverse needs of different people. It keeps you focused and motivated as it has bigger and organized results to show. Even before you begin to follow this basic timeline, we suggest you to:

  • Look up your new house
  • Get done with the sale of the current home
  • Find new doctor, school, college and malls or eat out places in your new town
  • Don’t wait for the last 6 weeks to start packing, de-cluttering or preparing for the process

Below is the carved 6 weeks timeline for moving out, just to make things sorted and to reduce your stress and pressure. It caters to the most essential things in the process while you are 6 weeks away from the moving day. It is a checklist that you can follow and be ready for the moving day.

6 Weeks Till The Moving Day

Foremost are the things which need major decision or most time. For instance, you need to choose whether you will move out yourself or should you hire professional movers? If you are to book movers, then which company to choose and from where to hire them? But if you decide to move at your own, then obviously you require the packing material and how to obtain it. Another of the things that you should do in this week, is to stop de-cluttering or limiting the use of your refrigerator and finishing the stock from your cold room.

5 Weeks Till The Moving Day

This entire week should be dedicated to the process of de-cluttering in the entire house. Sort things out in organized piles which could then be saved or give away. Be it donations, or reselling of the materials and products. This will also help you sort out what is where and what are the things you need in your new place.

4 Weeks Till The Moving Day

This is the follow up step of the 6th week. If you have decided to hire professional movers then now is the time to finalize their booking. But if you are going to do the things yourself then during this week you need to start packing your sorted piles into the boxes. Especially the piles that are not to be used in your daily routine like your library, decorations & paintings, your off season clothes and sheets etc. Also in this week, devise a strategy for clear labeling your boxes as you would definitely want your fragile items to be taken extra care of. And your re-decorating to be smooth and clean.

3 Weeks Till The Moving Day

This week should be spent into changing the address with complete forms and necessary details. Especially from your town post and from school/college if your children are going to the same schools, you also need to make the changes at your service providers for utilities, newspaper delivery, bank and such like.

2 Weeks Till The Moving Day

This week has come so close to the moving day, so you must start packing everything. Everything should go in to a proper wrapping and then into the boxes nothing should be left loose.

1 Week Till The Moving Day

You are pretty sorted if you have followed this timeline properly. Just pack the remaining bits and make sure you have made a bag of your necessities that you are going to need in the last week or in the first week at your new place.