Just as Sydney Carton contemplated his purpose in the universe on his walks through Paris, so too do many people search for new and enigmatic truths in the historical streets of the metropolitans that lie awake at night.

But some cities are better for commuters then others. Take Chicago, which is ranked as the worst city for commuters, where the average commute time to work is 32.4 minutes one-way.

For most people, public transportation and walking from neighborhood to neighborhood to get to a job is just a staple of life.

Of course, the idea of walkable city encompasess so much more than your commute time. It includes proximity to the amenities of the modern charms the city has to offer, as well as the sights you gaze at along your walk of some of man’s most magnificent structures.

Whether it’s a city that allows you the freedom to be who you truly are or a city where you can ditch your car, here’s five that are ranked the most walkable in the US.

New York City

Does it really come as a surprise that New York City is ranked the most walkable in the US? With a population of 8.5 million, you could literally fit the population of Alaska, North Dakota, South Dakota, and Guam in Brooklyn and still have housing to spare. With such a huge population density housed on a few tiny islands, having a car in New York City is like bring a boat up a mountain.

A popular site, Walkscore, gave New York City its highest walkability rating with a score of 85 out of 100. Being the city that never sleeps, you’ll be hard pressed to find any privacy on the bustling streets of Manhattan or Brooklyn.


You may be surprised to see Minneapolis make this list, but as the city’s economy continues to grow and make a mark for itself, it’s seeing a large increase of millenials arriving at its gates. With a cheaper cost of living than most other cities, this tightly knit city has slowly become a thriving city for the arts, business, and investment. For this reason, it’s also greatly expanded its downtown and become a fun city to walk around and explore.


Historic Boston boasts some of the most expansive and beautiful green spaces throughout the country. Aside from that, Boston also offers a rustic charm with its eclectic mix of historic neighborhoods and modern charms that have come to make up the city. In fact, Boston realty is considered some of the most beautiful in the nation and continues to be one of the most remarkably walkable cities in the country.


Despite the fact that Chicago’s commute times are horrendous, this is more or less owed to its expansive size and robust transportation system. But Chicago is also one of America’s most beautiful cities to walk. It was recently ranked the 6th best city to walk and the city is actively trying to make it more pedestrian friendly. You’ll never be more than a few blocks away from a bar or comedy club in Chicago.


Finally, Seattle boasts a unique west coast charm of its own, which makes it an immensely walkable city. Some areas are more walkable than others including First Hill. But as Seattle continues to grow in size for its mystique, it’s culture will give way to more eclectic shops and amenities that will make the city even more walkable.