Are you planning to buy the best grill this summer? If you are not able to enjoy the delectable barbeque dishes at restaurants due to some reasons, grilling in your backyard is not a bad option either. After all, we must take care of our taste buds to keep our spirits high. Yes?

So, if you have made up your mind of buying a good grill, the first thing is to know about the best popular grill companies. Isn’t it? Let’s talk about the best grill companies that are versatile, make grilling easy and suitable for both beginners as well as experts.


Weber is known for its reliability and versatility. With a variety of options in gas, charcoal, portable and electric grills, Weber is a well-known company in the field. Weber was founded by George Stephan in 1952. It manufactures the best outdoor grills that are the right fit for backyard parties, tailgating, RV and other similar purposes.

Weber grills can be controlled through the iGrill app that provides remote access to the grill’s thermometer. Not to forget about Weber Briquettes, they have long burning capacity and are made from natural materials. All the models of Weber are constructed from stainless steel which prevents them from rusting.


If you are looking for grills that can be used specifically for tailgating, RVing and outdoor trips, Coleman grills are the best.

Coleman is not only into manufacturing gas grills but into other products related to outdoor activities like tents, and camp furniture as well.

As most of the models of Coleman comes with foldable legs, they are highly portable and can be used both as freestanding and tabletop. They also come with heavy-duty wheels that make them easy to store, move and transport.


Char-Broil entered the industry in 1948 and become one of the first companies to release charcoal grillers in the market. Since then, there is no turning back and they have been revolutionizing their grills in every way. Char-Broil grill models have their trademark TRU infrared cooking system that makes them easier for amateurs to handle grills while also ensuring even heat distribution.

Char-Broil manufactures all types of grills and has a variety of models in each grill type. You can find models having 2 burners to 6 burners too. Those who love to be organized while they are cooking love Char-Broil models as they come with bottom storage cabinets. Char-Broil models even provide the highest amount of BTU. The models are easy to clean and maintain too.

Pit Boss

Founded in the year 1999, Pit Boss is considered one of the best grill companies with models that outperformed its competitors. It produces all forms of portable grills, tailgaters, massive grills, verticle smokers, combos and much more.

The Pit Boss wood pellet and grills and smokers are one of their kind and come with varied cooking capacity. They support the digital controller and use natural hardwood pellets as the fuel to provide the best smoky flavor to the food. They come with tool hooks, storage space, 2 meat probes, 8 in 1 versatility and much more.


With over 30 years in the field, Traeger is known for wood pellet grills. Its models focus on Set-It-Forget-It ability. This is what makes grilling with these models as simple as ABC. That said, Traeger has a range of wood pellet grills, charcoal grills and gas grills under its kitty.

You can explore Traeger wood pellets in various flavors to add delectable taste to your food. What’s more, Traeger models are also equipped with digital temperature controller, WiFi technology, D2 Dire Drive and various other trademark technologies that help you in grilling just how you need it to be.

When it comes to Pit Boss vs Traeger grills, it’s really hard to decide who provides the best wood pellet grills in the market. But rest assured, you can never go wrong with any of them.

Rec Tec

Rec Tec is another reputed grills manufacturer that produces quality wood pellet grills, gas, and charcoal grills.

The pellet grill models of Rec Tec are equipped with its trademark Smart Grill technology with a PID algorithm that cooks food with ultimate precision. They also support remote cooking and each of its models has Wi-Fi. It has its app called Rec-Tec that enables you to monitor the grill even when you are far away.

The Wrap Up

So, these were the most popular grill companies in the market you must have your eyes on if you are looking for a beginner-friendly and versatile griller that serves all your purpose. Even if you are an expert in grilling, these companies have models that can suit your requirements and make grilling fun.