Air purifiers are getting more and more relevant and important in today’s date due to the increasing amount of air pollution. Having an air purifier has become a necessity if you want to ensure that you and your loved ones are breathing the highest quality of air, devoid of any dust and pollutants.

Purchasing an air purifier on today’s date is the easy part. After all, with so many reliable manufacturers like HisoAir in the market, it is hard to end up with a bad or defective air purifier. No, purchasing an air purifier is easy but the hard part comes when you need to ensure that you are using it optimally.

Ensuring optimum performance from your air purifier might seem easy but there are quite a lot of aspects attached to it that make the entire process a bit complicated. Not using the air purifier in its most ideal condition can lead to subpar performance. After all, since you paid a lot for the air purifier, it is only natural that it should provide you with the most optimum performance.

That’s why in this article we will list several tips and ways through which you can get the maximum performance out of your air purifier.

Shut off your house

Air purifiers can only purify a limited amount of air at a time and if it keeps getting continuous new supply from open windows, doors, or vents, then it is bound to get quickly ineffective. Thus, the best way to utilize an air purifier and get the maximum juice out of it is to ensure that you close your windows and doors before starting it.

This way, your air purifier has a limited amount of air to work with and can quickly transform the average dirty air in your home into a cleaner and non-polluted alternative. However, ventilation in all aspects of your life, whether it be in your home with your windows or outside with your mask on, is essential for our body.

Ensure that you open up your air inlets, such as your doors and windows, from time to time to ensure a supply of fresh new air. Just disable your air purifier before opening, to ensure that you don’t unnecessarily waste your electricity.

Place it in a location where the flow isn’t obstructed

The location where you place your air purifier is directly related to the performance it can deliver you. If you place your air purifier in some dark corner of your room where it is obstructed by all sorts of objects and furniture, it will give you extremely subpar performance. To get the most out of your air purifier, place it in a location that is open all around without any obstruction.

The central area of your room, especially your living room, works perfectly for this. However, they will still give excellent results as long as you ensure that there isn’t any object in a 16 centimeter range of their airflow path. Objects that aren’t in the way, but can potentially block the airflow also count as obstruction objects such as curtains.

The improved air quality is essential for your body and your lungs will thank you for giving them such a rich and non-polluted supply of air! Additionally, this importance becomes more crucial if you have family members that have a respiratory disease of some sort and have weak lungs.

Use the purifier as optimally as possible

We strongly recommend keeping your air purifiers on 24/7. Most modern air purifiers come with in-built features that enable them to shut off automatically when they detect the air has become adequately clean.

If you are worried about electricity bills, then worry not, because there are many air purifiers that have a power efficiency mode that you can turn on when you want to continuously use it. Keeping your air purifier on ensures that you keep getting clean air all the time. However, you should make sure that you turn it off when you are not at home to save up on energy costs.

Clean or change the filters from time to time

Your air purifiers work on their own unique filters to clean out the air around you. Changing your filters is important or otherwise, your purifier will stop being effective and cleaning the air as before. It just so happens that different companies use different types of filters for their air purifiers.

When you purchase your own air purifier, ensure that you know which filter you are getting with your machine. Many filters are meant to be used differently – some can be washed while others cannot and need to be directly replaced.

If you have any sort of fibrous filters, such as the HEPA filter, know that they can’t be used back and need to be replaced by new filters. On the other hand, most fiber and mesh filters only need a simple wash along with some detergent to be usable again. While you are at it, clean your grills and other parts of your air purifier with a dry cloth as well to ensure optimal ventilation.

Use your air purifiers at locations you stay the most

Even the best, top-end air purifiers can’t cover your entire house. They are limited to a single room’s airspace. Thus, you should only use them in locations where you and your family members stay the most – such as your living room or your bedroom.

A simple but expensive way to bypass this problem is by simply buying separate air purifiers for separate rooms at your house. However, don’t use them in your bathroom because not only will it waste electricity but make the air purifiers go bad as well because of the humidity.


There are several ways through which you can get the maximum performance out of your air purifier and we hope this article helped you find most of them. If it did, please consider following our website for regular updates as it will help us out immensely.