As exciting as building a new home can be, we know you probably have a lot of questions. An experienced home builder can help guide you through the steps with ease. To learn more about the steps involved in building a new home, read on.

Starting the Home Building Process

From lot finding and purchasing, to floor plan drafting and design, to bidding existing house plans, we cover all aspects of building a home.

  1. The Initial Meeting. You will first meet with a salesman who will ask you a few initial questions like, do you have a house plan or do you have a style, house plan, or floor plan you like? Other questions to be prepared to answer include: Do you have a price point that you want to stay within? Have you selected or bought a lot? If you do not have a house plan, a draftsman will work with you design a plan. Look through pictures and Pinterest boards, share ideas. This is the really fun part. A home builder will also begin helping you select a lot at this point.
  2. Pre-drafting. You will receive a pre-drafting sheet with detailed questions to fill out. An expert draftsman and builder will help you along the way. Once you have your ideas on paper, a draftsman will draw up the rough draft of your main floor’s layout.You get to see and change anything you choose along the way. From door heights, to ceiling heights, archways, windows and trim, you choose every aspect of your new custom home.
  3. Bidding phase. This is where is it extremely important to work with an experienced home builder. Especially a local home builder with networking connections. This ensures you receive the best product for the best price. You want to work with an experienced home builder to take out the hassle of subcontractors and other vendors.
  4. Documents.Next. the bank will need to finalize your construction loan, you sign contract and purchase your lot. An experienced home builder then obtains a building permit and we start your build!

Every step in the home building process can be complicated if you do not know what you are doing. If it is your first time building a new home, you may find it helpful to see sample floor plans and 3D renderings. We suggest have a good idea of what you want in your new home. From layout, to colors, style and more it will help to have a direction when you get started.

Now that you know what it takes to get started building a custom home, you can begin by finding a trusted home builder in your area. Check references like LinkedIn, or Facebook, and reviews on Google to select the right home builder for your project.

home building infographic