Instagram is one example of a successful social network. Global competitors, such as Facebook, are experiencing far from the best of times: the number of users, although growing, but the dynamics is noticeably reduced. At the same time, Instagram regularly introduces new features, releases updates, and pleases its users with a convenient interface. Naturally, everyone wants to gain popularity and have a well-known account. To do this, you can buy Instagram likes – this is a simple service that is offered by dozens of services. In addition, you can get followers on Instagram. There are different ways for Instagram promotion. However, everything in order.

Accounts on Instagram

Each account in the social network has its own statistics, which are taken into account: likes, followers, comments, views. This statistics is unique and assigned to each profile. This data is used to determine the “cost” of an account and its popularity. For example, the more comments a post has, the more likely it is to be discovered by other users. The fact is that a post with a lively discussion is likely to attract attention. In the same way, the statistics are affected by the number of likes. The more of them, the higher the probability that the post will become more popular.

The growing popularity of the social network

In recent years, Instagram has become a social network that is noticeably more popular than its competitors. This is something you can notice even in Russia, where the market share of Vkontakte and other popular services is declining, but the share of the Instagram market is growing. This growth has been noticeable in the last five years after Instagram began to actively implement new functionality: stories, personal messages, photo filters, and more.

The reasons for the popularity

This popularity has its own reasons. It is worth analyzing them in order to understand how the social network works, and to study the approach of developers, and for General development. It should be noted that, as in all such cases, it’s not just one thing: a whole set of events worked, some of which are not related to each other. For example, users have become much more active in sharing events from their personal lives. And it turned out that it is easier to do this through Instagram, and no other social networks. In addition, it is much easier to “consume” such content, which is also an important component in the modern world.

The comfortable familiarity with the content

The main reason for the popularity is that the content itself has changed. People began to read less of some posts on the Internet, and paid more attention to videos and photos. This is also possible due to the increased connection speed. As a result, services such as YouTube and Instagram began to replace Facebook and various traditional blogs.


The developers of the social network experienced this trend and realized that they need to somehow make it even easier for the user to get the maximum amount of information in the shortest possible time. As a result, it was decided to create a service with stories – a simple way to share an event from life in the form of a short video for thirty seconds, or a photo. Of course, the users of this innovation had in mind. As a result, today most registered users share their life events through stories. In addition, the system for displaying posts was redesigned: the most popular posts are now published at the top instead of the latest ones (as in the case of stories).

“Beautiful life”

It is also worth noting that Instagram has become a way to share “beautiful life “with others. Actors, musicians, athletes, just rich people, all publish photos from their lives. And followers have the opportunity to look behind the scenes – to find out how their idols live. Previously, for this purpose, specially bought yellow Newspapers, from which they learned some news, the truth of which remained on the conscience of the publisher. Now, stars are self-publishing content for their fans.

Opportunity to earn

It is also worth mentioning the opportunity to earn money using a social network. Such a content aggregator could not fail to attract a lot of money. As a result, very soon users with a large number of followers began selling ads to large companies and smaller bloggers. Today, even an account with a very small number of followers can expect a solid financial gain simply by publishing a few advertising posts.

The advertising market on Instagram

What can you say about the advertising market on Instagram? The fact is that initially the ad was conceived in the same format as the introduction to Instagram posts. Remember the classic TV ad: it doesn’t last more than 30 seconds. At about the same time, it takes a person to get acquainted with the next post. As a result, it turns out that the user stops their attention on advertising blog posts and studies them more carefully than on other sites or other services. This is why advertisers do not spare money to promote their products through Instagram.


What is the future of the social network? There are different opinions: ones believe that Instagram will stop growing in the next couple of years and then begin its vertical development; others believe that Instagram is limited only in the number of users – 7 billion people, that’s how many live on Earth. In fact, it is very difficult to make predictions in a market that is constantly changing. It remains only to watch and try not to fall behind. Fortunately, the opportunity to earn money on Instagram almost obliges us to stay in the trend.