There is an old adage that says ‘if it sounds too good to be true it usually is’ this is particularly true when choosing professional tradesmen. By making the decision to use a cheap locksmith you may be opening yourself up to a number of problems. Choosing to use the services of a cheap locksmith can often be false economy. There are often reasons why certain locksmiths are able to charge significantly lower prices than others. Costs are often saved by the use of lower quality materials and less qualified or non-certified staff. Here at Tyne Tees locks our locksmiths in Darlington are all fully trained and experienced in all aspects of the locksmith trade.

By choosing a cheap locksmith who may use non-BSI standard products you are putting the security of your home or business premises at risk. By fitting a quality locking system, you will give yourself peace of mind that your property is properly guarded against intrusion. We would always advise our customers to thoroughly scrutinise the credentials of any prospective tradesmen and this is particularly true with locksmiths.

One of the problems customers encounter is that there are no government regulations specifically relating to Locksmiths. This means that anyone can advertise their services as a locksmith whether they are properly trained or not. This can leave customers at the mercy of unscrupulous people who can offer a service that seems very attractive but in fact hides a multitude of problems.

Here at Tyne Tees Locks our locksmiths in Darlington would always advise customers to undertake a number of checks before selecting a locksmith.

  1. Wherever possible look for an MLA approved locksmith
  2. Always look for recommendations whether from friends or on the internet
  3. Check Whether your chosen contractor has insurance
  4. Check that all work carries a guarantee
  5. Always check what is included in any call out fee that way you can avoid hidden surprises
  6. Always try and provide locksmiths with as much information as possible so you can get an approximate quote that is as near as possible to cost

A lot of cheap locksmiths will take advantage of the internet to advertise their services offering prices significantly lower than more established companies. However, you need to be aware that this is often a way to gain initial enquiries and work. Once on site you will find that the costs will increase due to the amount of added costs. Things that may be included as standard by more reputable companies will be often be added extras with locksmiths offering low base points.

While not all cheap locksmiths offer a sub-standard product or quality of workmanship we would always urge customers to proceed with caution. The cost of a job can be broken down using a number of factors. Things such as the complexity of the job or time of day, week or year work required outside normal business hours will generally carry a premium.

By using a non-qualified cheaper locksmith, you can end up with more expense. If a tradesmen is not insured or offering guarantees and you are unsatisfied with his initial work or problems arising later you will often have no recourse. This can result in you incurring extra expense and inconvenience to correct any problems that have arisen.

By using a certified professional you are generally guaranteed a quality product, excellent customer service and insurance cover and guarantees if something goes wrong. Here at Tyne Tees Locks our professional locksmiths in Darlington have over 20 years industry experience and professional certifications. All the locking systems we install conform to British Standards and all our work carries a 12-month guarantee.

In conclusion you should be aware that locksmiths advertising very low prices will have to get their profit margin from somewhere. This can usually be found in the quality of materials used or not having to pay insurance premiums or for professional accreditation. Here at Tyne Tees Locks all the work done by our locksmiths in Darlington is carried out by fully certified experienced locksmiths and carries a 12-month guarantee.

To get more information on the service offered by our locksmiths in Darlington get in touch with our friendly team today.