Conservatories are fantastic additions to our homes, whether they are built as extra space for the kids to play, a new dining room or a place for you to seek some peace and quiet after a busy day, they are one of the most versatile rooms in our homes.

But during the colder months, it is sad to see many of these rooms become neglected as homeowners avoid the space due to their nature of being too chilly in winter.

This shouldn’t have to be the case, with proper insulation, your conservatory can be as toasty as the rest of your home and can be enjoyed all year round. Roof insulation will make a real difference and it isn’t as lengthy or costly as you’d expect, you can even do this yourself with the right ladders and tools.

There are some small steps you can take, such as buying rugs to keep your feet safe for cold tiles, filling the room if soft furnishings, like a new cosy conservatory chair and stylish throws you can snuggle under. But there are just small fixes and proper insulation will really make you feel the difference in temperature.

Why Should You Choose to Insulate Your Roof?

You could be losing a lot of heat from your conservatory roof, especially if your structure is old and outdated. You can choose to insulate your entire conservatory, including the windows, but the easiest and most cost-efficient method is to focus on the roof alone. Heat rises, therefore most of it will be lost here.

With proper insulation, you don’t just feel the benefits in the winter. In the summer months, heat can get trapped in a conservatory and make it stuffy and unbearable. Insulation can protect you against both extreme weathers.

Can You Insulate a Roof Yourself?

Yes-depending on your abilities and free-time, you can certainly insulate your conservatory yourself. Safety is the most important element of any DIY job and as you will be working at heights, it isn’t something you should attempt if you don’t have adequate gear or are not physically fit.

Your ladder should be tall enough so you don’t have to do any unnecessary reaching which could lead to a fall, you should also always make sure there is someone else available to supervise you and your ladder.

When purchasing a conservatory insulation kit, ensure you have the right tools they list as a requirement to complete the task. Attempting to complete the task with the wrong ones could leave an unsightly mess, ineffective work and could be unsafe.

What Type of Insulation Should You Choose?

This depends on many factors such as your budget, style of conservatory and how long you want it to last. Some insulation will always be better than others and the main factor to consider would be how much it costs.

This doesn’t mean cheaper alternatives are to be shunned, these are still effective and will still give you more use from your conservatory.

If you choose to invest in more costly insulation, not only will it give you the desired effect but can also add value to your property.

Solar Film Control

This is one of the most popular ways to insulate your conservatory, it’s simple and easy to use and it is rather cheap.

You can purchase solar roll film in all good hardware and DIY stores, and it comes in varying widths and lengths, so if you have properly measured your roof panels beforehand, it will fit perfectly.

This film is like sticky back plastic and can be applied with minimal effort, it traps heat from the sun and works in a similar fashion to tinted glass. In the summer, it protects you and your family from heat and glare and it cleverly rejects high levels of solar infrared heat.

Aluminum Foil & Thermal Wadding

This isn’t the most glamorous of fixes, but it really works and it’s the cheapest and easiest method. By combining these two materials together on your roof, it absorbs and emits heat and makes your conservatory far more pleasant when it’s frosty outside. Air pockets in thermal wadding absorb the heat excellently.

You can always cover this with draping in a matching colour scheme to the rest of the room, now that it’s warmer anyway, you could make it feel like a true Arabian nights room.

Ceiling Blinds

You probably already have some form of blind or curtain on your windows, but have you ever thought about doing this on your roof? By installing roof blinds, you are given complete control of when you want them open or closed, they are also the most aesthetically pleasing.

Keeping blinds open during the day allows as much heat as possible to come into your conservatory and closing them at night traps those sun rays in. It’s also great for the summer as you can close them when the sun is too strong.

It is worth investing in custom blinds to fit perfectly in your roof panels, any large gaps from off-the-shelf blinds could mean heat escapes and your efforts could be for nothing.

You should now have a better idea of how to insulate your conservatory and make the most out of this space this winter. Using these not only keeps you warm but also reduces energy bills, saving your money and cutting carbon emissions!
About the author

Jane Stevens – Nestled deep in the Surrey Hills, Jane has always had a love for interior design at heart. Since retiring in 2015, she made it a personal project of hers to completely revamp her conservatory. She was guilty of leaving it to gather dust for much of the year and decided that enough was enough. From exploring every possible interior design Mag to digging through thousands of products over the years, she gives us an expert opinion on what really can bring your conservatory to life.