The essential function of any vacuum cleaner is to collect dust and dirt that has accumulated on the floor and carpets. Many models perform it entirely, but can’t do anything, for example, with a dried stain from spilled stewed fruit in the kitchen. That you can’t do without a damp rag – it is the one who has to wipe the floors. But there is an alternative: use a vacuum cleaner with the possibility of wet cleaning. This is a much more practical way to clean up: just one device and no rags. We figure out the tips for choosing the vacuum cleaner for the home or apartment.

Vacuum cleaner: what are the benefits?

Before you think about buying any device, you need to evaluate its main advantages and understand whether you need it. In our case, this is easy to do. What are good vacuum cleaners of this type?

  • Perfectly cope with dried mud. As we have already noted, a stain from shoes won’t be a problem for such a technique. The corridor with the traces of the boots will become clean “in one pass” – and don’t rub with a rag.
  • Pet hairs are easily collected. An ordinary vacuum cleaner here clearly passes even with a turbo brush. Detergent moisturizes the hair, and then, when it is received in lumps, it is sucked in.
  • They even wash the windows. Using a special nozzle, you can also “vacuum” the glass. Just remember how much time you last spent on this procedure.

What are the disadvantages?

Like any device, this one also has its drawbacks. If you intend to clean several times a day, keep them in mind.

  • Big weight and sizes. Wet cleaning requires a container of water. More precisely, two: for cleaning and dirty water. That is why such models of vacuum cleaners weigh quite a lot and are not very compact. Carrying them, even if you need to collect dust, is not very convenient.
  • Need to be washed after cleaning. Again we rest against design features. Since there is water inside the device, after use, all containers must be washed and dried – otherwise, at least a musty odor forms, and at the most mold.
  • It can’t be used for natural coatings. Carpets made from natural materials quickly absorb water. Even with a tremendous suction power of the vacuum cleaner, the carpet remains wet for a long time – in principle, it must be dried in the fresh air. Naturally, few people want to do this, so the washing vacuum cleaner is not recommended for use on natural coatings.
  • Not suitable for all types of floors. And again, moisture… If you don’t have a moisture-proof laminate in your apartment, it will fall into the joints, which will quickly begin to swell. The same applies to wooden floors: excess moisture is contraindicated for them.

All devices of this type can be divided into four classes: manual (very small), classic (on wheels, with a flexible “trunk”), vertical, and robotic.

Manual Vacuum Cleaners: manual vacuum cleaners come in small sizes when compared to classic and vertical. These are easy to use and light in weight and they are used to clean small areas in the house like sofas, carpet areas and even your dog’s fur. Manual vacuums offer an easy way to keep your carpets, hardwood floors and area rugs looking great every day.

Classic Vacuum Cleaners: Perfect for daily general vacuuming, it can be used in big offices, hotels, retail outlets, to clean the floors, carpets, sofas etc. The new floor tool features a completely re-designed airflow chamber that delivers more suction power and picks up even larger debris. Improved side wheels and bearings provide smooth, frictionless motion, between hard and carpet surfaces.

Vertical and Robot Vacuums: Robotic vacuum cleaners are round-shaped fully automatic vacuum cleaners. These models lies inches above the ground level, and foam board bumpers were created to nearly touch the floor so that a low-lying obstacle could be detected.

The more expensive the vacuum cleaner, the more reliable and functional it is. The cheapest models don’t last long – most often small parts break down, plastic on the pipe and brush breaks, the hose breaks, less often, the motor burns out. Their service life is short, and the warranty period is even shorter. If such a vacuum cleaner breaks, it is easier to throw it away than to repair it. Expensive vacuum cleaners can serve for decades, and the warranty period for elite models can reach 10 years. So, in the end, it might prove to be more profitable to choose a high-quality vacuum cleaner once and forget about dust and allergens for many years.